The 30 Most Influential Business Leaders in Tech 2018 August2018

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Dj Paoni | President | SAP North America | Insights Success

DJ Paoni: Building a Better Tomorrow with People & Innovation at SAP

Trusted with helping businesses lead in their industries, enterprise technology companies face constant pressure to innovate. Success in this environment requires leadership to look outward towards the new and […]

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Quality of Good Leader [ Insights Success ]
Attributes of a Good Leader

Leadership is about using the power of a position to empower a group of people in order to attain a common goal. A leader’s task […]

Asim Zaheer | CMO | Hitachi Vantara | Insights Success
Asim Zaheer: Crafting Prolific Marketing Strategies in the Age of Digital Disruption

With the introduction of digital platforms, the marketing discipline has been disrupted to take many different forms. Marketing personnel have an additional benefit of exhibiting products and services […]

Ralf jacob | Head of Digital Media Service | Oath | Insights Success
Want to Build a Strong Team? It Starts with Trust and Respect

Successful leaders don’t view their teams as working for them; instead, these leaders work for their teams. Our main role as business leaders isn’t to […]

Melanie Mulligan-Pittarelli | Big Bang ERP Consultant | Big Bang ERP | Insights Success
The Human Approach to Business

In our fast-paced industry, it is very easy to lose track of I the fact that we are all people. As a society, we are […]

Balazs Wellisch | CEO | GameIQ | Insights Success
Balazs Wellisch: Pioneer of Operational Expertise

In an interview with Insights Success, the CEO of GameIQ, Balazs Wellisch shares the key insights powering his transformative results as the Chief Executive Officer. […]

Christopher Grey | Co- Founder & COO | CapLinked | Insights Success
Christopher Grey: Revolutionizing Businesses with Smart and Secure Sharing Platform

In today’s business world, the entrepreneur acts as a trigger head to give a spark to industrial activities through his entrepreneurial decisions. He plays a […]

Dr. Bin Xie | Founder & CEO | InfoBeyond Technology LLC | Insights Success
Dr. Bin Xie: Advancing the Network and Data Security Industry

“Leadership often varies in form and technique, but a leader’s influence remains unparalleled” The foundations of any organization are largely shouldered by the grit and […]

Erik Voorhees | CEO | SpaceShift | Insights Success
Erik Voorhees: A Leader who turned his Fascination for Bitcoin into Business

Being involved in Bitcoin since 2011, Erik Voorhees, CEO of ShapeShift, has built several companies over the years including SatoshiDice and Coinapult. He was also […]

Harsh Murari | Co-Founder & CTO | | Insights Success
Harsh Murari: A Trailblazer with Expertise in Software Testing Automation

In an interview with Insights Success, the Co-founder and CTO of, Harsh Murari shares his great insight towards organization’s journey and its specialized solutions […]

Isaac Andy | Founder, CEo & Directors | iZEND Services | Insights Success
Isaac Andy: Determined to Make Dreams Come True

In pursuit of his well-defined goals, Isaac Andy, Founder, CEO and Director of iZND Services, started his own venture, offering companies the complete spectrum of […]

Jay Iyer | Vice President, Engineering | OSNEXUS Corporation | Insights Success
Jayaraman ‘Jay’ Iyer: Exemplifying Leadership and Teamwork

In the digital world, data is generated at a tremendous rate and storage management becomes an important aspect of business strategy. In such a case, […]

Karen Chung | Founder & CEO | Special Learning, Inc. | Insights Success
Karen Chung: Sculpting the Future of Special Education

A synthesis of passion and ambition drives the development of an impactful business leader. How a leader makes practical use of one’s potential and extracts […]

Lars von Thienen | Founder & CEO | Noggle | Insights Success
Lars von Thienen: Inventor of a Cognitive Knowledge Management App

Today, most of the business methods and software suites are built around the concept of centralized, top management and system approaches for large-scale corporations. Plus, […]

Lokesh Gupta | Co- Founder | RM Application Sdn. Bhd. | Insights Success
Lokesh Gupta: A Financial Tech Expert

Lokesh Gupta is the Co-founder of RM Applications Sdn. Bhd. (RMA), a MSC status boutique software company based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He is passionate […]

Matteo franceschetti | Co-founder & CEO | Eight | Insights Success
Matteo Franceschetti: Optimizing Sleeping Habits with Smart Technology

In today’s busy lifestyle, sleep and well-being go hand in hand. Getting a good night’s rest is just as important to overall health as eating […]

Philippe Courtot | Chairman and CEO | Qualys | Insights Success
Philippe Courtot: An Elegant Intellectual with a Remarkable Wisdom

It takes a deep ingenuity, sharpness and courage to build several start-ups and lead them towards the highest peak. A shrewd entrepreneur exemplifying business acumen […]

Prashant Kumar Pathak | Founder, MD & CEO | Delcure LifeSciences | Insights Success
Prashant Kumar Pathak: An Inspiring and Visionary Leader

We are living in a day and age where technology is advancing at a rapid speed, creating new fields and disrupting existing processes and models. […]

R. Whitney Anderson | CEO | | Insights Success
R. Whitney Anderson: A Leader in the Uncertain Times of Cyber Crime

In an interview with Insights Success, the CEO of, R. Whitney Anderson shares valuable insights acquired through his long and rewarding professional journey. This […]

Raja Banerji | Global Head Industry Marketing | Tata Consultancy Services | Insights Success
Raja Banerji: A Marketing Strategist Leveraging Business Value with Certainty

Committed in providing best in class IT services, Tata Consultancy Services is delivering real results to global businesses, with unmatched levels of certainty. In an […]

Sara Brown | Voice President, Marketing | Multitech | Insights Success
Sara Brown: A Keen Marketing Leader

Every business requires a marketing person who is comfortable in any business environment. Without that skill, a marketer simply won’t be able to build the […]

Traci Burgess | CEO | BrightBytes | Insights Success
Traci Burgess: Mission-Driven Leadership

The most effective leaders are thoughtful, “big picture” individuals. They are conscious of business from the ground to 10,000 feet. This has proven to be […]

Steve Bagshaw | CEO | FUJIFILM Disoynth Biotechnologies | Insights Success
Steve Bagshaw: A Visionary Leader Benefitting Society across the Biopharmaceutical Industry and Beyond

For 25 years the companies that today make up Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies (FDB) have been at the heart of the biopharmaceutical outsourcing industry making it […]

Mark Alexander | COO | ARkadin | Insights Success
Mark Alexander: Reforming the Benchmarks of Cloud Communications

In an interview with Insights Success, the Chief Operating Officer of Arkadin, Mark Alexander shares the insights behind his triumphant dominance as an entrepreneur. Mark’s […]

James Varga | Founder & CEO | The ID Co | Insights Success
James Varga: Creating Convenience for Global Consumers

In an interview with Insights Success, the CEO and Founder of The ID Co., James Varga shares the insights behind his triumphant dominance in the […]

Bipin Shah | Chairman & CEO | Kovair Software, Inc. | Insights Success
Bipin Shah: Raising the Bar of Innovation

When we talk about the amazing leaps in technology that the world has seen in recent times, the individuals responsible for that remarkable progress all […]

Anton Barachuk , CEO & Co-founder , AnyChart
Anton Baranchuk: Revolutionizing Data Visualization & Business Graphics with Disruptive Solutions

The mind-power to change the world is what makes an individual worthy to leave their footprint on the list of the most influential entrepreneurs ever. […]