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Ahmad Eied: The Leader Known for Creating Milestones in the Telecom and Communication Industry

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts,” said the former British Prime Minister and one of the most celebrated writer Winston Churchill.An entrepreneur’s life is not at all easy. There are stones of failures which form the pillar of success in an entrepreneur’s life. There is hardly any successful person who hasn’t failed in life. They might fall down over and over again……..
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Business Leader of the Year

Manish Goel | Co - Founder & CEO | TrustSphere - Insights Sucess

Manish Goel: A Passionate Tech Leader Pushing Edges in Social Network Analytics

As the co-founder and CEO of a startup that is breaking new ground in workplace analytics, Manish Goel is, by all rights, a visionary technology leader. Passionate about the power of people and how they can leverage their……….
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The 30 Most Daring CEOs in Business

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