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Our dedication to all of those aspects is part of the reason why, last year, 100% of our customers renewed their licenses, and a vast majority increased the number of robots they were using

Cover Page - The 30 Most Creative Corporate Leaders To Watch March2018 - Insights Success

Pat Geary: Leading Marketing Industry with Innovative Tactics

A renowned Czech-French writer Milan Kundera once said, “Business has only two functions – marketing and innovation.” And, the celebrated Austrian-born American management consultant, educator, and author Peter Drucker said, “The aim of marketing is to understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.” Innovation is the backbone of any business; rather it forms the foundation of a successful company. In any enterprise, everything begins with an idea, then starts manufacturing but what takes the company ahead and in people’s notice is an effective marketing and advertisement strategy……….
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The 30 Most Creative Corporate Leaders To Watch

Chiara Adin | Founding Partner | NA Collective - Insights Success

Chiara Adin: Creating Creative Milestones in the World of Business

“Success isn’t about how much money you make. It's about the difference you make in people’s lives.” – The former US First Lady Michelle Obama. The Industry is constantly evolving and the scenario is continuously...
Scott D. Smith | CEO | Beyonics Technology - Insights Success

Scott D. Smith: Forging a new world of Creativity and Innovation

Creative leaders are those who possess high standards of personal ethics. They face pressure situations bravely, and are resilient to defeat. They are charismatic and persuasive, and have an innovative streak. A Devoted and Assiduous...
Mandeep Sodhi | CEO | HashChing - Insights Success

Mandeep Sodhi: An Extraordinary Entrepreneur Creating Milestones in the Online Mortgage Marketplace Industry

Mandeep Sodhi is an entrepreneur and visionary who has diligently applied himself to acquire the necessary skills to execute his industry disrupting ideas. After graduating with distinctions for his Executive MBA, gaining a wealth of...
Joe Caserta | Founder & President | Caserta - Insights Success

Joe Caserta: A Bold and Innovative Entrepreneur

Exceptional leaders are characterized by hard work, perseverance, dedication and crystal clear vision. They pave their own roads to success by overcoming all obstacles in their path. One such remarkable leader is Joe Caserta,...
Pradeep Govindasamy | Chief Technology Officer & President | Cigniti Technologies - Insights Success

Pradeep Govindasamy – An Industrious Leader with an Innovative Streak

Successful creative leaders are those who have high standards of personal ethics. They act boldly under pressure and are resilient to defeat. They have the capacity to work hard and achieve their objectives. These...
Raffi Jamgotchian | President & CTO | Triada Networks - Insights Success

Raffi Jamgotchian: A Pioneer in Crafting Cutting-Edge Cyber Security Solutions

With a vision to empower smaller enterprises to keep the business pace intact without compromising on their IT needs, Raffi Jamgotchian established Triada Networks in 2008. He is the President and CTO of Triada...
Sanjay Soni | Chief Knowledge Director | Incredible Design - Insights Success

Sanjay Soni: An Ardent Maverick Entrepreneur Transforming Dreams into Reality

One of the most celebrated American Poet, Robert Frost wrote in his poem “The Road Not Taken”,                         “… Two roads diverged in a wood, and I— I took the one less traveled by, And that has...
Toshinori Iwasawa | CEO | ABeam Consulting - Insights Success

Toshinori Iwasawa: Offering Redefined Strategies to Help Clients be Successful

“Customers don’t expect you to be perfect. They do expect you to fix things when they go wrong,” said Donald Porter, VP of British Airways. The experts of the business world say that the corporations...

CXO Standpoint

Brian Lee | Founder | Be The Voice Academy - Insights Success

Technological versus Verbal Communication

Technological communication in the business world has exponentially advanced over the last few years. However, the development of human verbal communication and expression are somehow quite lacking. We see a vast majority of devices that...
Ken Herron | CMO | Unified Inbox - Insights Success

When data’s outside your wall, it’s at risk

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) individually have the potential to deliver tremendous value. Today, industry leaders are beginning to realize the importance of deploying these technologies in conjunction with each other,...
Lulu Laidlaw-Smith | Founder | Rip It Up - Insights Success

How to be more disruptive

From blockchain to AI, technology is being used to disrupt existing business models and create new ones seemingly overnight. This evolving landscape is shaping our attitudes and values, challenging the very purpose of a...
Lynette Seah | Founder & CEO | Alpha7 - Insights Success

Is your company culture stifling digital transformation?

The majority of business leaders in Asia Pacific don’t need convincing of the need for digital transformation. They understand the need to keep pace with their competitors and stay ahead of technological innovations. So...

Tech Talk

Chatbots: A Dynamic Digital Gesture for Creative Entrepreneurs - Insights Success

Chatbots: A Dynamic Digital Gesture for Creative Entrepreneurs

The arrival of Chatbots is considered to be an incredible breakthrough in the realm of business or any kind of entrepreneurships. It is one of the smartest innovations by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural...