The 30 Most Admired Companies of the Year 2016

Cover Story

Shigeru Kamiya | President & CEO | Re: Q Technology Consulting - Insights Success

Re: Q Technology Consulting: Giving Credence to ‘Infrastructure Accelerates Business’

‘Digitalization’, a term introduced in the 21st Century, revolutionized the IT industry. It is Digitalization which made the consumer a king availing him the power […]

Project Listings

Mr. Joseph Chan | Founder & CEO | AsiaPay - Insights Success
AsiaPay: Secure, Integrated & Most Comprehensive Payment Processing Services

Online sales is a booming industry today, becoming an essential part of every single business. The survival of a business today, totally depends on the […]

Anil Gammampila | Founder, Chairman | Attra - Insights Success
Attra: Providing a Strategic Advantage to the Enterprises in Banking & Payments Domain

The technological advancements in the financial industry are changing the way people bank today. This is complicating the payments systems, as the consumers, enterprises and […]

Sarji Mohammedali | CEO | Citrus Informatics (India) - Insights Success
Citrus Informatics: Always in the Foreground of ICT

In today’s globally competitive world, a software product company’s success is based not only on its ability to come up with quality products and services, […]

Manoj Punjabi | Director | Crystal Logic - Insights Success
Crystal logic: 16+ years • 70+ Team Strength • 700+ Clients

Crystal Logic is a Mumbai based company that designs premium web design and carries out online marketing for their clients. Their field of expertise is […]

Chalk Talk - Insights Success
A Conducive Environment at Workplace to Preserve your Best Talent

Recruiting and retaining the right talent is the key to success, but implementing it in business is not happening with most of the companies. Not […]

Change your personality - Insights Success
How an Ordinary Person Can Turn into an Admired Personality?

History has given us every kind of geniuses and we owe to it. It’s because of them, we are standing at the peak and making […]

Sourav Ghosh (Sr. Visualizer), Kavish Arora (CDO), Darpan Sharma (CEO), Sushant Sharma (Creative Head) | DigiStreet Media - Insights Success
DigiStreet: Kept walking, keep walking

If the swiftness of the rabbit were to coalesce with the resilience of the tortoise in the race to the finish, the story would have […]

Tony Smales | CEO | Forticode - Insights Success
Forticode: Personally Managed Authentication

As the internet gives new dimensions to people’s lives, security concerns are on a rise. From availing banking services anytime, anyplace to accessing valuable online […]

Raghav Narayan | Director-sales & marketing | Mindlogicx Infratec - Insights Success
Mindlogicx: Pioneering an Unrivalled Revolution in Education Technology

Education in India is a prominent topic of discussion. Not just lack of basic facilities to provide but to deliver advanced education has been a […]

Tarun Malaviya | Founder & CEO | Mithi Software Technologies - Insights Success
Mithi Software Technologies: An Innovative Collaboration Technology Enabler For Enterprises

Whether it is people like us using smart devices to communicate with our friends, or an enterprise relying on collaboration technology to boost productivity and […]

Guy Daniello | CEO & Founder | Peloton Group - Insights Success
Peloton Group: The Backbone of Innovation and Business Transformation

Peloton Group (“Peloton”) is a nationally-recognized leader in Integrated Cloud Solutions for Enterprise Performance Management, Enterprise Resource Planning, and Big Data-Analytics. Peloton provides comprehensive guidance […]

Rubal Jain | Managing Director | Safexpress - Insights Success
Safexpress – Market Leader In Supply Chain & Logistics

Safexpress began its journey in 1997 with a mission of delivering logistics excellence to its customers and ensuring their success. Today, the firm has firmly […]

Jonas Gyllensvaan | Founder and CEO | SyncDog - Insights Success
SyncDog: Leading the Way towards a Secured Future

SyncDog is the leading independent software vendor (ISV) company, building secure infrastructure frameworks that protect enterprise networks from cyber breach and from mobile computing sources. […]

Alex Zarrabi | CEO | Touchless Biometric Systems - Insights Success
Touchless Biometric Systems: Biometric Manufacturer leading the way

Innovation is a beautiful art, between the overwhelming excitement of pushing new technical boundaries, and the obligation of providing solid tested products to the customers. […]