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Cover Page - The 30 Most Admired Companies april may 2017 - Insights Success

MultiBank Exchange Group: Connecting the World’s Financial Markets

MultiBank Exchange Group was established in California, USA, in 2005. Since its launch,it has evolved into one of the largest financial institutions worldwide, with a current paid up capital of over US $322 million. Within the next two years, MultiBank’s value is expected to increase substantially to circa US$ 3 billion once it undertakes an IPO. Serving individuals, introducing brokers, institutions and banks, MultiBank offers advanced trading platforms and the tightest pricing in the field of online financial………………
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The 30 Most Admired Companies

Phani Bhushan | Co-founder & CEO | Anant Computing - Insights Success

Anant Computing : Bringing the next billion online, faster!

Digital India is witnessing tremendous growth than we expected. Everyone is left jaw dropped with the wave that’s been going on for a while now. It’s fair to say that the upcoming times will...
Gavan Thorpe | CEO | Boostability - Insights Success

Boostability: Online Marketing Partner

As long as the Internet exists, businesses will need help optimizing their online presence. Digital Marketing becomes an essential tool for every business to reach individuals directly. Different ways for digital marketing are available,...
Peter Ohnemus | Founder, Chairman, President & CEO | dacadoo - Insights Success

dacadoo: Great Life and Health for Everyone

With questions about the future direction of healthcare only growing, there are two certainties that executives can count on. First, major changes are coming, and second, many of those changes will be data-and technology-driven. Digitization...
Mr. Prashnat Kumar Pathak | CEO & MD | DelCure LifeSciences - Insights Success

DelCure LifeSciences Ltd: Happiness, Helpfulness, and Truthfulness

DelCure LifeSciences Ltd. (DLL) is a full-scale pharmaceutical company with an aim to bring differentiated high-quality products through international collaboration with innovator companies from the USA, Switzerland and European countries. Delcure LifeSciences Ltd is...
Dr. Vishy Karri | Co - Founder, Chairman & CEO | Expert 365 - Insights Success

Expert365: Incessant Innovation

Existing irrigation and fertigation practices in agriculture are to a large extent based on experience and guess-work instead of hard facts. The consequence is that plants receive too much or too little of either...
Srinivas Chaganti | Co - Founder | Ajitha Kommaraju | Co - Founder | Srinivas Bikkumanla | Co - Founder | Grayloic Technologies - Insights Success

Graylogic Technologies: Smarter Services for Smarter Needs

The line is becoming very thin between Information Technology and Operation Technology, this trend is fast creating opportunities in Voice solutions, Industrial Internet of Things & various types of BOT’s. Artificial Intelligence will rule...
John Iacone | Founder & CEO | International Integrated Solutions - Insights Success

International Integrated Solutions: Enabling Your Business Advantage

Cloud and Big data at its core, International Integrated Solutions, Ltd. (IIS) is a provider of business critical IT infrastructure and services. Since its inception in 1990, IIS Technology has built high-status partnerships with...
Dr. Prabir Dutt | President & CEO | InfoPower International - Insights Success

InfoPower: The 21st. Century ERP Ecosystem From the Experts

With the worldwide rapidly expanding Advanced Manufacturing, Advanced Logistics, Advanced Construction, Digitized Factories and other state-of-the-art operating concepts and implementations, including the incorporation of Industry 4.0, IOT and IOE everywhere, all Enterprise Solutions Software...
Nimrod Geva | Managing Partner & Director of Product Managment (L) | Igor Goldshtaub | Managing Partner & Director of Customer Support (C) | Shai Patel | Managing Partner & Director of Research and Development (R) | KWizCom Corporation - Insights Success

KWizCom: Knowledge Worker Components

KWizCom Corporation is a leading developer of SharePoint Forms & Workflows, as well as numerous other powerful SharePoint add-ons and apps for Office 365. KWizCom is a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner that is headquartered...
Joel Montvelisky | Co-founder & Chief Solution Architect | PrachtiTest - Insights Success

PractiTest: Take Your Test Management to the Next Level

Today the most prominent issue for the IT industry is the increased demand for the quick “time to market” releases. This means the pace of every part of product development and testing is“fast and...
Mark Kay | CEO | StrikeForce Technologies - Insights Success

StrikeForce Technologies: Start Computing Securely Today

With increased hacking incidents and cyber frauds, the Security business is also expanding and gaining the most traction. Authentication (Out-of-Band) and encryption (especially keyboard encryption) stopping keyloggers are a very key part of stopping...
Denis Gagne | Founder & CEO | Trisotech - Insights Success

Trisotech: Leveraging and Amplifying Your Business

In order to become and remain competitive and successful, organizations need to continuously improve their processes. Failure to do so results in lower revenues, higher costs, fewer satisfied customers and less motivated employees. Business...

CXO Standpoint

Andrew Bagrin | Founder & CEO | My Digital Shield - Insights Success

The Need to Understand the Necessity of Innovation

Bigger, faster, everywhere!  The measurement of how we rate technology in general, but more specifically data communications. From the days of spending hundreds of dollars to upgrade from a 14.4 to a 28.8 modem, we...
Hardik Parekh | Founder & CEO | Searce - Insights Success

Make the Change Or Become the Change

On landing at the Bengaluru airport last week, I ferried my backpack to the shared cab stand on a pleasant 18 degree Celsius morning, and waited for Uber. In a few minutes a cheerful...

Chalk Talk

Social Responsibility to the Community and the Environment - Insights Success

Social Responsibility to the Community and the Environment

The Social responsibilities of corporate companies are known as Corporate Social Responsibility. It is a duty of the corporate body to protect the interest of the society as well as the environment. We know...

Editor’s Pick

Environmental Responsibilities for Business - Insights Success

Environmental Responsibilities for Business

Under the Environmental Responsibility of the Corporates, it is expected to operate in a manner that protects the environment. Going beyond business activities and taking care of the environment can bring business benefits. Now...