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Rajesh Joshi, Chairman at Skynet Experts

Skynet Experts: An Emerging Name at the Forefront of a Digital Revolution

The COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact so significant that its ripples are still evidently visible even towards the end of 2020. The world of […]

Project Listings

The Executive Centre: The Leading Premium Flexible Workspace Provider Empowering Businesses With Choice

Today the flexible workspace and coworking industry is bustling with multitudes of choices for the modern-day professional. However, there is a standout leader within the […]

Ninaad Mehta, President of Brindley Technologies
Brindley Technologies: Delivering Holistic IT Consulting and Outsourcing Services

Whatever area one is working one should make sure it brings him or her joy before investing time, energy and dedicating one’s life to it. […]

Paul Marcantonio, Executive Director at ECOMMPAY
ECOMMPAY: Streamlining your Everyday Payment Processes

Headquartered in London, ECOMMPAY, an online payment company, was incepted with a vision to make money movement in one click. To be more specific, ECOMMPAY […]

Eurofast: Redefining Business Advisory Space with Technology and Native Talent

Every successful business has an individual with vision, talent, and expertise in leading the team to conquer the challenges along the way. George Panoutsopoulos, Regional […]

HRBoost: Building High-Performance Cultures in Organizations Globally

Whether an organization consists of five or five thousand employees, human resource management (HRM) is crucial to the success of the organization. With the lack […]

Pradotec: Providing Trusted Authentication Technology Solutions Since 1990

The need for hardware development company’s providing trusted authentication technology solutions is on the rise today. Pradotec is a hardware provider company with key expertise […]

Sedicii: At the Forefront of the Cyber Security Evolution

In a world where our habits, preferences, decisions, and their outcomes are highly influenced by technology and the internet, the questions of privacy and identity […]