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Cover Page - The 30 Most Admired Companies to Watch 2018 - Insights Success

MariApps Marine Solutions: Offering the Best Solutions Supported by Latest Technology Platforms

Headquartered in Singapore with offices in India, Germany, and Cyprus, MariApps Marine Solutions, a Bernhard Schulte company is a digital solutions company offering state-of-art marine enterprise solutions for ship managers and ship owners. MariApps can bring key knowledge and expertise to its clients that can eventually help their organization to excel in today’s competitive and demanding environment. MariApps’ flagship product is PAL, a complete marine ERP suite which is fully web based, cloud supported and……….
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The 30 Most Admired Companies to Watch 2018

Sarah Sajedi | Co-founder, Senior Toxicologist & Lead Project Analyst | ERA Environmental Management Solutions - Insights Success

ERA Environmental Management Solutions: Where Scientific Expertise Meets Sustainability

For more than twenty years, ERA Environmental Management Solutions has been blazing the trail for Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) software. It set the pace for the industry as one of the world’s first firms to develop air...
Hakim Karim | Co-founder | Mark Ross | Co-founder | GridMarkets - Insights Success

GridMarkets: Making Rendering Easy

High performance computing workloads typically are very complex and costly to run. Teams of highly-skilled staff, access to expensive on premises and cloud resources, complex ongoing operational procedures, maintenance, and support are usually required. Large companies can afford the...
Sashi Kallamadi | Founder & CEO | Inovea Inc. - Insights Success

Inovea: Empowering IT with Innovative Solutions

As a cybersecurity organization on the bleeding edge of online threat protection, Inovea Inc., offers unparalleled security consulting, testing and auditing services. Its mission is to help businesses secure their data, reduce risk, and navigate compliance standards. With its staff...
Mark Norris | Founder & CEO | ITStaff - Insights Success

ITStaff®: Streamlining Organizational Recruitment

From small enterprises to gigantic global IT companies, every organization is plagued by the same question: “How do we find and attract the top talent we need to meet our business goals?” Organizations want an answer to that...
Gary Maag | CEO | Proactive Worldwide - Insights Success

Proactive Worldwide: An Upfront Strategic Solution

Proactive Worldwide was founded as a specialist enterprise committed to serving clients through its expertise in primary research and strategic intelligence services. By providing Intelligence-based solutions, PWW helps customers from a wide range of industries to identify and propel...
Justin Ullman | Founder & CEO | RhinoDox - Insights Success

RhinoDox: An Advanced Solution for Securing Documents, Content and Data

Traditional Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions have existed on the market for quite some time. The goal of these solutions has always been to help users manage the documents and data that exist across an entire organization by eliminating...
Gina Gallo | CEO | Stratix Corp - Insights Success

Stratix: Simplifying Enterprise Mobility for 35 Years

The phrase ‘enterprise mobility’ has seen increasingly widespread use in recent years and the concept itself has had a huge impact on businesses across the globe. A shift in work habits and changing business needs have led many...
Omar Uddin | Founder & CEO | UVision - Insights Success

UVision: Building Next Generation Solutions

Headquartered in Reston, VA, UVision is a technology solutions company dedicated to the creation of smart, scalable and secure solutions to create a better, smarter and safer world. UVision provides advisory services, development capabilities and managed services to drive...
Chandra Pandey | Founder & CEO | Seceon - Insights Success

Seceon: Providing Comprehensive Cyber-Security for the digital era

Seceon is focused on enabling organizations to see cyber threats clearly and quickly, stop threats from inflicting extensive damage through surgical containment and elimination and to predict imminent inside attacks through behavioral threat detection...

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Robel Gugsa | CEO & CTO | FCTI Inc. - Insights Success

FCTI: Providing ATM Solutions Efficiently

Committed in providing advanced turnkey ATM technologies and services, FCTI provides effective solutions for financial institutions and site owners. In an interview with Insights Success, the CEO and CTO of FCTI, Robel Gugsa briefly...

Digital Peek-a-Boo

Miguel Valdes Faura | CEO & Co-founder | Bonitasoft - Insights Success

Miguel Valdes Faura: Digital Transformation through Connecting People with Technology

One of the biggest trends to emerge in recent years is digital business transformation: the integration and application of digital technologies to generate fundamental changes at all levels of business operations. Business leadership is always challenged...


Rajiv Saran Sharma | CEO | Virgosys - Insights Success

How AI and Machine Learning Transforming Human Lives

Innovation and technology has exploded over the past couple of years and India has seen the boom of startups especially coming up leaps and bounds in Bangalore, India. It has 35% of the startup share in...

Insider’s Viewpoint

Eric Dresselhuys | President | Smart Energy Water - Insights Success

Decoding Digital Transformation for Utilities

Massive technology changes, never seen or experienced before are revolutionizing the businesses with advent of the new wave of digital innovation. From cloud computing to mobility, to big data analytics, IoT, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, these technologies have completely transformed the business...

Industry Insight

An Insight on the Opportunities in the Big Data Industry- Insights Success

An Insight on the Opportunities in the Big Data Industry

In this era of changing technologies, the Big Data domain has evolved in a very short period of time. It plays the most pivotal role across all industries. The ability of Big Data to...

Editor’s Perspective

Educating Employees to Minimize the Risk of Cyber-Attacks - Insights Success

Educating Employees to Minimize the Risk of Cyber-Attacks

During 480 B.C., in The Battle of Thermopylae, merely three hundred Spartans held off a huge Persian army. However, in reality Spartans were not alone in the battle, alongside them fought Athenians, Thebes and...

Sales Choice

Leading Insights to Become the Most Successful Person This Year - Insights Success

Leading Insights to Become the Most Successful Person This Year

Experiencing a seamless growth is not a miracle, but an appeal in actionable process. Success is a universal concept and not solitude for a certain people, class or origin. So, with this idea, success...