Most Successful Business Women To Watch

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Jenny Lin | COO | Board Member | Insights Success

Jenny Lin: Resolutely in Pursuit of Efficient Pharmaceutical

To lead a fulfilling life, we need to stay healthy. Only then can we enjoy the rains and the sunshine that life has to offer. […]

Project Listings

Cara Scharf | Fearless Media
Cara Scharf: Building Spectacular Marketing Campaigns

Digital Media has opened up avenues for marketing today, like never before. For any company, the prospective clients are just a click away. To compel […]

Marina Tognetti | Founder | CEO | mYngle
Marina Tognetti: An Inspired Entrepreneur Driven by Innovation

If you look closely, you’ll find many similarities between athletes of extreme sports and entrepreneurs. They both are passionate about what they love i. e. […]

Mina Jeong | Managing Director | Insights Success
Mina Jeong: Helping Businesses Reach the Right Customers

For success, apart from creating products and services that benefit customers, companies need to work on how they are perceived. A company’s work and image […]

Celeste Fralick | Chief Data Scientist & Senior Principal Engineer | McAfee
Dr. Celeste Fralick: Pursuing her Passion for Data with Perseverance

Long before Data became the gold that it is today, there were people who were trying to mine it, process it and transform it into […]

Jeanne Groenewald | CEO | Elgin Free Range Chickens.
Jeanne Groenewald: Working With Nature for a Healthy Lifestyle

A 2007 survey by Smith and Wiseman found that 59 per cent people, of those surveyed, in sub-Saharan Africa(SSA) were suffering from severe energy deficiency. […]

Julia Hunter | Senior Vice President | Virgin Galactic
Julia Hunter: Voyaging the New Horizons of Space-based Research and Travel

The endless space has always enticed us humans, with endless possibilities and opportunities. The mere thought that there might be people like us or different […]

Lauren Boyer | CEO | Underscore Marketing
Lauren Boyer: A Value Driven Entrepreneur Boosting Companies’ Digital Growth

The term entrepreneurship isn’t merely what its literal definition explains. It is as volatile and unpredictable as the world of business. To comprehend and assimilate […]