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Xcalar | Rebecca Ye | Women Empowerment - Business Magazine

Rebecca Ye: Women’s Empowerment is No Longer Just a Notion or an Idea

Based in Silicon Valley, Xcalar is a big data tech startup that has embraced diversity. It has employees from more than a dozen countries, a […]

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Leadership Styles
8 Most Effective Leadership Styles for Organizational Success

An effective leader is the first and foremost condition for a successful business. The hugely successful leaders adopt a combination of multiple leadership styles or […]

Women & Work | Women Leaders in Business | Insights Success
Adding Extra Shine to Your Business with Women Leaders

The world is witnessing a gigantic shift towards how we perceive women power. Many studies and researches have proved that women can drive any organization […]

Pivotal Labs | Alexandra Lung | Business Magazine | Insights Success
Alexandra Lung: A Brilliance Leading the Success Journey of Women in Business

“A truly equal world would be one where women ran half our countries and companies and men ran half our homes.” Sheryl Sandberg’s view on […]

Fearless Media | Cara Scharf | Business Magazine | Insights Success
Cara Scharf: A Fearless Trailblazer Propelling New Frontier of Digital Marketing

A full-service NYC-based digital marketing agency specializing in the video games and entertainment verticals was born in 2009. This mighty agency owes its success to […]

Connie Linder | Intengine | Business Magazine | Insights Success
Connie Linder: Leading the World to a Sustainable Tomorrow

Leadership often requires one to be inclined towards adopting and upholding a certain cause, with the purpose of metamorphosing into someone who projects an impact. […]

Lauren Boyer | Underscore | Business Magazine | Insights Success
Lauren Boyer: Instilling an Innovative Advertising Approach in Health and Wellness Brands

Over the past 20 years Lauren Boyer, the CEO and owner of Underscore, has led dozens of unique advertising programs for brands of all shapes […]

Natalija Counet | 361degreesLAB | Business Magazine | Insights Success
Natalija Counet: A Pioneering Architect of Progressive Future

“The best way to predict the future is to invent it”. Natalija Counet, the proud author of “Upskilling for the Future” and the Founder of […]

Nest | Amanda Williams | Insights Success | Business Magazine
Amanda Williams: An Incredible Leader with Innovative Mindset

Amanda Williams is the Head of Innovation at Nest, who believes in a leadership style which is equally enriching and fruitful for any organisation. According […]