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“Improving the way the world works and lives.”

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Siki Giunta: A Curious Leader Making Decisions that Matter

As Warren Berger rightfully wrote in an HBR article, we have cruised into the era of the curious leader, where success is less about having all the answers and more about the questions being asked. Curiosity is what facilitates the ability and willingness to explore, take part and experience new paths. Siki Giunta, Managing Director of Accenture, is a woman leader whose innate curiosity for the future has always made her stand out from the crowd Understanding the Future from the Past Born in Rome and raised in France, Siki Giunta had progressive and open-minded parents……..
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The 20 Most Successful Businesswoman to Watch 2018

Elena Hitraya | CMO | Crescendo Bioscience - Insights Success

Dr. Elena Hitraya: A Passionate Pioneer Transforming Healthcare with an Amazing Vision

Success in the world of business demands a diverse range of talents. It is the personal passion and determination of individuals that empower them to attain their desired goals. Regardless of the industry, the...
Elizabeth Iorns | Founder & CEO | Science Exchange - Insights Success

Elizabeth Iorns: A Curious Entrepreneur Defining the Boundaries of Innovation

With the corporate world facing a wide-array of complexities and challenges, the need for individuals donning multiple hats is of utmost importance. A perfect example to this statement would be Elizabeth Iorns, who is...
Ellen Voie | President & CEO | Women in Trucking - Insights Success

Ellen Voie: Encouraging the Employment of Women in the Transportation Industry

Entrepreneurship is one of the most critical engines of growth in the corporate world, and men no longer remain its only drivers. The era of open-minded societal norms is upon us and several women...
Georgette Pascale | Founder & CEO | Pascale Communications - Insights Success

Georgette Pascale: Creating Harmony and Synergy in Healthcare Communication

Creative communication is truth embodied in experience with devotion. Such a mode of communication requires creating an experience that engulfs and frees at the same time. Creative communication also requires seeing the world objectively....
Julia Knight | Founder & CEO | Julia Knight Collection - Insights Success

Julia Knight: Empowering The Party Host To Be Their Most

Julia Knight learned early in life what makes for the best parties: Great company, delicious food and drink…and a way to make it all look beautiful and effortless. Understandably, hosts and hostesses have guests...
Melody Hossaini | CEO & Founder | InspirEngage International - Insights Success

Melody Hossaini: A Human Investor Changing the Lives of Millions

It is said that the hottest fires forge the strongest steel. That analogy applies very appropriately to Melody Hossaini, a world-renowned social entrepreneur who is the Co-Founder and CEO of InspirEngage International, a UK-based...
Raja Hammoud | Senior Vice President of Products | Coupa Software - Insights Success

Raja Hammoud: Lighting Up Product Innovation at Coupa

What makes a great software product leader? A passion for technology and people. In the case of Raja Hammoud, Senior Vice President of Products at Coupa Software (NASDAQ: COUP), a leader in business spend...
Stephanie La Torre | Founder | EGM - Insights Success

Stephanie La Torre: Brightening the World of Web Design

“Honesty is a very expensive gift. Do not expect it from cheap people” – Warren Buffett Honesty and pursuit of the truth is the way of the wise. Lies and deceit can help achieve short...
Trish Stines | Vice President | Boostability - Insights Success

Trish Stines: Exploring an Uncharted Path to Lead by Example

Not everyone has the strength to persevere through the challenges that present themselves in the workplace. Factors like workload, management and interpersonal relationships can be especially taxing in that regard. This makes resilience perhaps...
Maria Weaver | SVP, Global Marketing, Cable Advertising | Comcast Corporation - Insights Success

Maria Weaver: Bringing Unparalleled Experience in the Advertising Arena

Video advertising is witnessing unprecedented growth as more businesses begin to recognize its massive capacity to disseminate their message to the world. Conventional television broadcasting which lay the groundwork for this revolution is now...
Mona Yousuf Almoayyed | Managing Director | Y. K. Almoayyed & Sons - Insights Success

Mona Yousuf Almoayyed: Leading a Family Business to Unmatched Success

For any company, irrespective of its industry and size, cruising ahead to attain success, the role of a leader is of paramount importance. Leadership is the cornerstone of strong management in an organization; one...

Brand Vision

Candice Simons | CEO | Brooklyn Outdoor - Insights Success

“Brand Building – The Right Way”

By: Candice Simons, President & CEO of Brooklyn Outdoor In an increasingly saturated market, it is becoming increasingly harder to reach your target consumer through traditional channels. Brooklyn Outdoor is fortunate enough to be at...

Inside Entrepreneurship from Emerging Markets

Alisee de Tonnac | CEO | Seedstars World - Insights Success

Emerging Tech, Revolutions & Crisis for Entrepreneurs: FACTS and Observations

By Alisee de Tonnac, CEO of Seedstars World Compared to Silicon Valley, the markets we operate in are eager to keep up by creating environments for entrepreneurs and startups. This is driven by investments in...

Mentor’s Insight

Diane Janknegt | Founder & CEO | Wizenoze - Insights Success

A Readable and Reliable Internet

By Diane Janknegt, Founder & CEO of Wizenoze The Current Internet is Designed for Educated Adults Over the past twenty years, the rise of the internet and the availability of web search engines have changed our...

Tech Evolution

Dr. Kizzy Dominguez | Founder & President | K. Parks Consulting, Inc - Insights Success

Emerging Technologies: A Revolution with Challenges

By Kizzy M. Dominguez, President of K. Parks Consulting, Inc. (KPC) Emerging technologies continue to lead a revolution in the ways organizational training, education, and assessments are more effectively and efficiently conducted which has yielded...

Thought Leadership

Karen Kerrigan | Chief Legal Officer | Seedrs Limited - Insights Success

Regulating Fintech: Now the Regulator Needs to be more Tech than Fin

The last 10 years has witnessed a huge boom in alternative finance (“altfi”). As many commentators have observed, this was in part kick-started by the global financial crisis – with consumers becoming disillusioned by...

Women In Business

Female Entrepreneurship | Women Entrepreneur | Insights Success

Evolution of Female Entrepreneurship

“Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women, who have her back.” Several female entrepreneurs today are so successful that it is easy to assume that high-profile businesswomen in a variety of...