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Kevin Netterfield | President | illustrate inc - Insights Success

illustrate inc: A Global Leader in Finance and Insurance Industry

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change,” – […]

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Emerging Technologies from Microsoft: Remove The Limits on Your Business

Remaining on top of technology trends is a critical concern for entrepreneurs and professionals. Skill sets come and work at a breakneck tempo, and it’s […]

Accessible Technology
Accessible Technology: Redefining The Workplace

Every organization has its unique requirements, for developing a good accessible technology plan. As experts say, it requires a few major steps which has to […]

Dominance of Microsoft in corporate World

In today’s highly advanced world of technology, there is a catalogue of emerging competitive enterprises whose ratio of presence is increasing with their productive features […]

Microsoft Acquisitions: Present and Future

Mergers and acquisitions help companies for growth and expansion, and to set their footprints in multiple industries and geographies, which in turn ensures that they […]

Brian McGuckin | Partner | Crestwood Associates - Insights Success
Crestwood Associates: Making the Complex Simpler

What originated in a flat on West Waveland, in Chicago, has now turned into a Microsoft Gold Certified Dynamics GP, Dynamics SL, Dynamics 365/CRM Partner, and Microsoft Inner Circle member. Founded in […]

Bashar Atout | CEO | Diyar United Company - Insights Success
Diyar United Company: Providing Excellence in IT Services and Solutions for Decades

All industries nowadays are cultivating an exceptionally rapid tactic which increases the demand for flexible models and approaches to drive businesses differently and innovatively. Diyar […]

Nick Puntikov | Chief Executive Officer | First Line Software - Insights Success
First Line Software: Your Agile & Strategic Partner For Driving Impelling Digitalization

Right from the launch of the first ever minicomputer in 1975, Microsoft has come a long way to position itself as an absolute leader both in the main stream and […]

Herald Ehrl | Founder & MD | GAB Enterprise IT Solutions GmbH - Insights Success
GAB Enterprise IT Solutions GmbH: Transforming, Upgrading and Renewing the IT Ecosystem

From the initiation of its very first mini-computer in 1975 – the stone age of computing – Microsoft has crusaded a long way to stand […]

Igor Stjepanovic | Founder | GIS People - Insights Success
GIS People: Down to Earth GIS Professionals

Success doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a lot of hard work, determination, belief, and financial discipline. It also depends on how you handle your clients […]

Sree Balaji | CEO and Co-founder | iLink_Systems- Insights Success
iLink Systems: Thinking Beyond to deliver Digital & Cloud Transformation

Nowadays bringing components subsystems together into a whole and ensuring that those subsystems function together, is very important. Enters Redmond, Washington-based iLink Systems, which is […]

Jonathan Huberman | CEO | Ooyala - Insights Success
Ooyala: Changing the Face of the Digital Video Industry

The popular narrative of the media industry has always spun around the tug of war between two distinct worlds. From the cutthroat battles between radio and print industry to the […]

Ray Meiring | Co-founder & CEO Partner | Qorus_Softw - Insights Success
Qorus Software: Helping Organizations Create Business Critical Documents More Efficiently and Accurately

“The people are the best thing about working at Qorus,” is a typical expression of employees working at Qorus Software, and a sentiment resonated by […]

Shrishail Rana | CEO | Systweak - Insights Success
Systweak: Creating System Optimization Utilities

“Are entrepreneurs a special kind of people, born with drive and desire to succeed that most of the other people don’t possess, or can they […]

Heine Krog Iversen | Co-founder & CEO | TimeXtender - Insights Success
TimeXtender: Delivering Significant Business Value by Accelerating the Process for Companies to Become Data-Driven

Working every day to help businesses simplify what is complex in the data discovery process and the journey to compliance by leveraging the power of automation, TimeXtender has become one […]

Adamu Jauro Garba II | Founder & CEO | Chris Emeka | Chief Operations Officer | IPI Solutions Nigeria Limited - Insights Success
IPI Solutions Nigeria Limited: Building IT Solutions Efficiently

Back in 2008 IPI Solutions Nigeria Limited was founded with the focus centered on building IT solutions around Microsoft Technology. Since then, IPI has evolved […]