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Eddy Fioretti | Founder & CEO | Cloudesire - Insights Success

Cloudesire: A Monetization Solution to Tap Boundless Opportunities

Cloud technology has become the need of the hour and a gateway to boundless opportunities. It is delivering unexpected progress and scripting incredible success stories for businesses around the world. Cloud adoption […]

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Amiram Shachar | Chief Executive Officer | Spotnist - Insights Success
Using AI to Automatically Optimize Cloud Costs

The Birth of Cloud Computing Back in the early days of cloud computing, if we would tell you that every business and consumer would eventually […]

Cloud Gaming - Gaming over the Cloud - Insights Success
Gaming over the Cloud – The New Realm of this Era

Games have been known to push consumer computing platforms to their maximum capacity. In traditional systems such as desktop computers, it is often expected and […]

Dr. Amrinder Arora | Co-founder & CEO | BizMerlin - Insights Success
BizMerlin: Combining the Power of AI and Cloud Technology to Deliver Intelligent HR Management Solutions

HR management platforms are increasingly becoming an integral part of the corporate world, to be dubbed as the backbone of operational efficiency. Just like a […]

Alan Rihm | CEO | CoreDial - Insights Success
CoreDial: Empowering Partners with High-demand, End-user Focused UCaaS & CCaaS Solutions

Are your company leaders’ heads in the clouds or buried in the sand when it comes to cloud services adoption? Technology is developing quickly and the eventual mass migration to […]

Shannon Hulbert | CEO | Opus Interactive - Insights Success
Opus Interactive: A Unique Multi-Dimensional Cloud Solution Provider

Opus Interactive is a company that has made a name for itself with its vision of connecting people and technology. It offers focused cloud and colocation solutions from its state-of-the-art data […]

Joey Benadretti | President & Joint MD | SYSPRO - Insights Success
SYSPRO: Driving Cloud Technology for Customer Success

In this age of increasing mobility, people are placing higher expectations on their mobile devices. They have become more conscious over their spending on technology and hence, automation is the new […]

Karl Thedeen | Managing Director & CEO | Edgeware - Insights Success
Disruption in content distribution and the new normal

Content distribution is experiencing tremendous disruption. Broadcasters are going online, telcos are offering digital TV services, and players like Netflix and Hulu are storming into […]

Stephen Hendry | CEO | Artha Infotama - Insights Success
Artha Infotama: Harnessing the Power of Azure to Deliver World-Class Business Solutions and ROI

The power of the cloud is knocking on the door of every business. Cloud is transforming the way businesses are operated, strategies are conceptualized and […]

Mike Theriault | CEO & President | ITsavvy - Insights Success
ITsavvy: Best in Class and the Fastest Growing Holistic Cloud Solutions

When Insights Success wanted to take a peek into the growing future of cloud, ITsavvy came to the rescue with inspiration. The company is based […]

Rob Reid | Managing Director | Sage Intacct - Insights Success
Sage Intacct: A Modern and Trustworthy Cloud Solution For Finance Executives

The implementation of cloud solutions have been a game-changer for many high growth industries today. And that should come as no surprise — cloud technology […]

Diego Cabezudo | CEO | Jose Antonio Arribas | COO Gigas Hosting S.A. - Insights Success
Gigas Hosting S.A.: Originality and Excellence Combined to Perfection

Gigas Hosting S.A. has built a world-class cloud hosting business that provides best-in- class solutions and services to customers worldwide. Although there are much larger players […]

Yacov Wrocherinsky | Founder & CEO | Orion Global | Solutions | LLC - Insights Success
Orion Global Solutions: A Trusted Salesforce Partner and an Expert Provider of CRM Solutions

CRM solutions have changed the way businesses engage and interact with their customers every day. This transformational journey is laden with its fair set of […]

David Gildea | Founder & CEO | CloudRanger [ Insights Success ]
CloudRanger: Securing Data on the Cloud

Each and every organization faces the need to store its most valued asset i.e. the data which it has collected over time. With evolving technologies, […]

Dr. Rajkumar Buyya | Founder & CEO | Manjrasoft Pty Ltd [ Insights Success ]
Manjrasoft: Delivering the Finest Cloud Solutions

Cloud computing, through the course of development in the software industry, has turned into a basic necessity for numerous organizations to function efficiently. It comes with a broad list of […]

Brandon Abbey | CEO | Burstorm
Burstorm: An Intelligent Architect of Futuristic Cloud Solutions

Fulfilling a large part of our daily virtual experience, cloud solutions are increasingly becoming an integral part of our lives. It stores, backs up, recovers […]