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“The definition of a good day is a day when people’s lives are better for us being here.”

Sarah Hoit: Connecting Generations and Communities

An inspirational leader needs unfathomable patience, sheer perseverance, unfaltering faith and endless compassion. When a woman holds the scepter of leadership, no boundaries are left uncrossed, no voyages cast adrift, and no doors are left unopened. If you walk a mile in the shoes of a woman at a leadership position, you will learn that the road is arduous and the destination unwelcoming. Yet, we have seen that women have built and shouldered the very foundation of empires, from scratch to exceptional glory………..
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Shepreneur of the Year

Rasha Oudeh: Power Lies Not Only in the Wallet, Power Lies in Competence

Rasha Oudeh from Jordan was one of the keynote speakers in Berlin’s major economic forum, Global Female Leaders’ Summit 2018, who told her story of becoming a leader in a speech that has received a standing ovation by a crowd of executives.………..
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Shepreneur of the Month

Connie Pheiff: A Symbol of Exemplary Entrepreneurship

Life, is a mere one syllable word, yet is the most volatile entity that ever existed. It encompasses a subtle blend of scintillating moments of joy and a few unbearable gulps of remorse, regrets and heartbreaking circumstances………..
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The 20 Most Successful Shepreneurs to Watch in 2018

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