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Brendan Keegan | Chief Executive Officer | Merchants Fleet

BRENDAN KEEGAN: A Visionary Business Leader, Who Inspires, and Leads to Success

Success stories can be truly motivational for many. Somebody’s journey towards excellence, the hardships they overcame, or how they finally achieved success, become examples that […]

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Karsten Boehrs: Revolutionizing Education and Communication through Simple Accessible Resources

Technological innovations take time to enter the growing market. For an entrepreneur, monitoring and providing the best user experience is a quest that can’t be […]

Feras El Hajjar | Founder & Chairman of Infosysta | Founder & CEO of App4Legal
Feras El Hajjar: An Ingenious Leader in Digital Transformation and Business Management

Insights Success has honored Feras El Hajjar, as one of “The 10 Most Inspiring CEOs to Watch.” Digital transformation is vital/crucial for any business. It has […]

Katherine Colombino | Chief Executive Officer | Software & Services Consulting SRL
Katherine Colombino: An Excellent Dedicated Professional

With more than 80 successful implementations and a highly qualified team with more than 20 years of experience leading the most challenging projects in the […]

Gary Olson | Founder & CEO | GT Digital Ltd.
Gary Olson: Protecting People and Businesses Through the Use of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming almost everything connected to human life, including employment, economy, communication, public safety, privacy, security, healthcare, etc.. To make the world a better place to […]

Rob Leslie | CEO & Founder | Sedicii
Rob Leslie: Advancing Business Practices with Digital Identity

Driven, persistent, optimistic, a multi-tasker while at the same time listening to and being unafraid to ask for help” says Rob Leslie. For Rob, these are […]

Shanaz Ramzi | Chief Executive Officer | StarLinks
Shanaz Ramzi: Bringing Perfection in PR and Event Management

In an interview with Insights Success, Shanaz Ramzi—Chief Executive Officer of StarLinks emphasizes on her impeccable journey of gaining a successful stature in current hectic markets. Her […]

Christopher Carter | Founder & CEO | Approyo
CHRISTOPHER CARTERL: Leading a Charge in SAP Solutions

When the focus of attention is on the IT sector, SAP is considered to be the most important IT infrastructure that has always been useful […]