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Barbara Paldus: A Detail-Oriented Leader who can Brighten any Space

Some people say, being an entrepreneur is risky and difficult. You need to have a degree of insanity to do it. And in some cases, […]

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Amanda Brock: Dedicated to Drive Businesses with Open Source Technology

Amanda Brock is the CEO of OpenUK, a not-for- profit company which advocates for Open Technology being open-source software, opensource hardware and open data, “Open” […]

Dawn Kane: Igniting Success for Franchising Businesses

It started with a Dawn Kane’s sheer curiosity for advertising. As she fed her curiosity with her nose in books and watching commercials, she knew […]

Denise Crossley: Adding a More Human Touch to Debt Recovery

“I’ve always believed that, even in the world of debt collection, and especially when you’re dealing with people facing difficult circumstances, there is only one […]

Julie Fergerson | CEO | Merchant Risk Council (MRC)
Julie Fergerson: Making a Difference in eCommerce

“For a serial entrepreneur, the highs are very high, but the lows can be very low. During those lows, you must be able to pick […]

Ruth Darby: A Multirole Leader with Extensive Work Experience

Real estate has always been considered a male dominated sector, and is making progress towards acknowledging women participation, and moving towards that change. Over the […]

Monica Boudreau: Building Growth Marketing Strategies for Brands

After spending the early years of her career working in events, marketing, and advertising, Monica Boudreau founded posh media in July 2019. Posh Media, a […]

Mary Senkowska: Redefining Approach to Career Development of Youths

Standing with a mission to equalise access to opportunities for early talent, Mary Senkowska formed Creative Brain. It all started with an idea that young […]