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Kelly Bagla | CEO | Go Legal Yourself


Starting a business can be exciting and scary at the same time.  Exciting because you are finally pursuing your dream and turning it into reality.  […]

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Rachel Brownlow Lund | Business Growth Coach | Me2Lead
Rachel Brownlow Lund: Empowering Women to Step-Up

Starting a business is like starting a family. It’s new and overwhelming, and there’s almost never a perfect time to start. You’ll have thoughts like, […]

Juggy Sihota | Vice-President & Consumer Health | TELUS
Juggy Sihota: A Trailblazer with Exceptional Leadership Qualities

An executive with more than 20 years of leadership experience, and one of Vancouver Magazine’s Power 50 in 2019, Juggy Sihota has enjoyed a fulfilling […]

Nicola Whiting | CSO | Titania Group (1)
Nicola Whiting: The Unsung Cyber Security Leader

Managing network security can be complex and time-consuming, especially when dealing with the monumentally large systems that often face responsibility for the safety of critical […]

Tamma Carel | Director & Senior Environmental Consultant | Imvelo Ltd.
Tamma Carel: Driving Sustainability through Passion and Professionalism

There are currently over 200 pieces of environmental law in place in the UK – and that number is growing. This is due to increased […]

Tami Louis | Director of Sales & Marketing | Regent Seven Seas Cruises
Tami Louis: Striving for Perfection in Providing Unrivaled Experiences

Climate change is one of the defining issues of today’s time. How governments, organizations, and individuals choose to respond to it will have the lasting […]

Stacia Guzzo | Founder & CEO | SmartyPits
Stacia Guzzo: Making a Difference for Health-Conscious Women

Have you ever heard a friend say “natural deodorant just doesn’t work for me,” or maybe even said it yourself? If this story sounds like […]

Sophie Slavin | Director | SAS Consultancy Services
Sophie Slavin: Leading with Experience and SkillSo

Sophie Slavin, the Director of SAS CONSULTANCY SERVICES is a proficient business leader who boosts brand awareness, promotes campaigns, assists/runs social media pages for both […]

Nicole Iseppi | Managing Director of Operations & Performance | ENGIE
Nicole Iseppi: Advocating Greater Industry Collaboration & Increase Efficiency in the Global Energy Sector

Every successful person has his/her own success stories, which are often shaped by continuous chain of experiences. In an interview with Insights Success, the of […]

Manuela Beil-Peter | Director | Analytical Jena
Manuela Beil-Peter: A Well Organized and Pro-active Individual

Nowadays laboratories all over the world face high regulatory and financial pressures, while matrix complexity and the number of samples to be analyzed in a […]

Kelly Hall | CCO | Vision Critical
Kelly Hall: A Leader with Compassion, Determination, and Persistence

A leader requires multiple qualities to lead others to success. Experience plays an important role in the journey of a leader, whether it comes from […]

Jennifer Ladouceur | President & Co-Founder | Women Leadership NationT Inc.
Jennifer Ladouceur: A Role Model Inspiring Passion & Innovation in Others

Businesswomen today deserve access to leadership development support designed specifically to meet their needs. Women in the workplace have big dreams. Imagine a gender-balanced workplace, […]

Carolyn Hogg | Founder & Managing Director, Cascade Water Products Ltd
Carolyn Hogg: An Entrepreneurial Leader covering all the Tasks

Do you know processing water and sewage is responsible for nearly 20% of carbon emissions!  Domestic grey-water reuse is essential to recoup the energy used […]

Anaida Deti: An Inspirational Health Entrepreneur

Bright and white teeth are everyone’s asset. Not only do they give you confidence but also depicts overall good health. However, not everyone has a bright and healthy smile […]

Laura Brandao President | American Financial Resources | Inc.
LAURA BRANDAO: An Influencer and Powerful Mortgage Professional

Imagine being able to build a stronger book of business than ever before, simultaneously working more efficiently. Yes, it is possible, thanks to Laura Brandao– […]

Barbara Ann Bernard | Founder and CIO | Wincrest Capital
Barbara Ann Bernard: A Successful Entrepreneur in a Competitive Industry

Management teams need to be able to foresee industry disruption coming. So, as the Chief Investment Officer and Founder, Barbara Ann Bernard, it is her […]

Dr. Nadia Cheaib | Chairwoman | ClinGroup and Hope MCF (foundation)
DR. NADIA CHEAIB: An Outstanding Leader in Health Industry Development

Meet an International MHealth Industry Developer, Scientist, Leader & Social Entrepreneur, Dr. Nadia Cheaib- Founder & Chairwoman of ClinGroup – the first NPO Health R&D […]

Fiona Bruder | George P Johnson | Auburn Hills, MI
Fiona Bruder: Making Disruptive Changes through Experiential Marketing

Over the last decade, the marketing industry has experienced drastic changes in its competitive landscape. Despite the prevailing industry paradigm, market-orientation and leveraging of trends […]

Armida Kaloti | Senior Marketing Specialist | Apparound
Armida Kaloti: Encouraging Work Environment

We can’t deny the fact that we are constantly surrounded by technology. The advancement in this particular area has proven to be so disruptive that […]

Nicole Enders | Team Lead & Modern Workplace Expert | CONET
Nicole Enders: The Next Generation Superintendent

The digital transformation is changing the way we live and work. Working is becoming increasingly mobile – independent of location, time and media. But everyday […]