The 20 Most Successful Businesswomen to Watch 2020 [1.1]

Cover Story

Amanda Haddaway | Managing Director | Lead Consultant & Trainer | HR Answerbox

Amanda Haddaway: A Positive, Hard-working, and Result-oriented Businesswomen

How do you design a winning team? How do you scale that design across the organization, so that the productivity soars and your culture thrives? […]

Project Listings

Amy C. Cross | Founder & CEO | StillPoint Capital, LLC.
Amy C. Cross: Industry Leader for the Greater Good

A person who comprehends the needs of their clients and employees, and makes efforts to bring the best for them, defines a true leader. Even […]

Dominique Nika Cagle | President & CEO | Nika Corporate Housing
Dominique “Nika” Cagle: Providing Home Away From Home

Numerous people travel around the globe, and most of them accommodate themselves in hotels or lodges, but there is also a reliable and reasonable option […]

Emma He | Founder & Global Director | Sleepm Global Inc.
Emma He: Providing a Comfortable and Supportive Sleeping Experience

Emma He, founder and global director of Sleepm E Global Inc, a Toronto-based company that officially launched in June 2018, whose mission has been an […]

Gail Adinamis | Founder, President & CEO | GlobalCare Clinical Trials
Gail Adinamis: Successfully Paving her Path in Clinical Trial Industry

Drug development is a costly and time consuming process taking 10-15 years and over $2 billion to get a new product to market. With the […]

Marnice D. Miller | President & CEO | Human Capital Resources & Concepts, Inc.
Marnice Miller: A Supportive Leader You Can Rely On

The primary responsibility of any human resource department is to deliver its commitment towards the organization, such as motivating employees, deriving higher performance from them […]

Pat Kehoe | Founder & President | PK Network
Pat Kehoe: An Insightful, Savvy Marketing Professional

Founded in 1989 by Pat (Patricia) Kehoe, PK Network (PK) is one of the oldest and most successful advertising and marketing agencies serving cable, broadband, […]

Subriana McFadden Pierce: Leading with Inspiration and Innovation

There are some foundational attributes that every business leader has to possess; Perseverance, passion, ambition, confidence are essential ones. But according to Subriana McFadden Pierce, […]

Susan Frech | Co-founder & CEO | Vesta
SUSAN FRECH: Connecting Brands to the Power of Communities

Online communities are welcoming hubs where brands can freely engage with and forge real connections with their consumers. These highly experiential digital destinations build long-term […]

Sahar Andrade | Founder | Sahar Consultin
SAHAR Andrade: A Gem in the Jewel of Leadership Development

Meet Sahar Andrade, MB.BCh—Founder of Sahar Consulting, an avid leader and success coach whose immense contribution helped many business personalities in various business sectors. Her […]

Syama Meagher | Founder | Chief Retail Strategist
Syama Meagher: A Gem in the Jewel of Scaling Retail

Marketing is one of the essential aspects that every business must focus on. Every leader must comprehend the significance of various such aspects and the […]