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Keith D. Jackson | President & CEO | ON Semiconductor - Insights Success

ON Semiconductor: Enabling the Internet of Things

Through a combination of strategic acquisitions and organic product development, ON Semiconductor has become a global, broad-based supplier of energy-efficient electronics innovations. The company has successfully completed 13 corporate acquisitions and now generates […]

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IoT Decelerate the Climate Change? | Insights Success
How can IoT Decelerate the Climate Change?

The relation between technology and the environment of our planet is very old. The time has come to turn everything in the surrounding eco-friendly. IoT […]

Fog Computing | Insights Success
Fog Computing On a Surge

World is growing at a fast pace and so is data. Agility and flexibility of big data applications are gradually taking the form of the […]

IoT Technologies Contributing to the Renewable Energy | Insights Success
IoT Technologies Contributing to the Renewable Energy

The Internet of Things (IoT) represents a modern reality.  IoT has been encircled by the services that are associated with the things like hardware, embedded […]

Miguel Valdes Faura | CEO & Co-founder | Bonitasoft - Insights Success
Miguel Valdes Faura: Digital Transformation through Connecting People with Technology

One of the biggest trends to emerge in recent years is digital business transformation: the integration and application of digital technologies to generate fundamental changes at […]

Mathivanan V | Vice President | ManageEngine - Insights Success
Rising mobile workforce and its challenges in the mobile-cloud era: Data & endpoint management

Mobility and cloud computing are rapidly becoming the norm for enterprises around the world. In turn, enterprise IT departments are facing new management and security […]

Will Zell | CEO & Founding Partner | Nikola Labs - Insights Success
Key Challenges in the IoT Landscape

IoT has a power problem. The promise of IoT is that of invisible connectivity that allows for sensors and devices that disappear into the environment and provide important information so […]

Jean Marie Andr | CEO | BeSpoon - Insights Success
BeSpoon: An Indoor Tracking System with Unmatchable Accuracy

Digital transformations are revolutionizing and dominating each and every industrial sector. Some of the technologies have a notable ability to catalyze the progressions of every industry. Real-time tracking is one of them. […]

Mr. Emmanuel RUIZ | Founder & CEO | CopSonic - Insights Success
CopSonic: Ensuring the Propagation of Secured Encrypted Data

CopSonic is a patented technology that provides a new communication channel, which uses ultrasound as a way to interact or transmit data between electronic devices. CopSonic was originally founded in 1989. […]

Matteo Franceschetti | CEO & Co-founder | EIGHT - Insights Success
EIGHT: Helping People Conquer Sleep Related Problems

We live in an environment where around 35 percent of the total population is sleep deprived. Still, this remains one of the most neglected aspects of human activities. Eight was […]

Niall Murphy | Co-founder & CEO | EVRYTHNG - Insights Success
EVRYTHNG: Making the World a Smarter Place

EVRYTHNG, the Smart Products Platform, aims to bring to life a vision where every physical product in our world participates in the digital ecosystem with its own unique web identity. […]

Richard Newberry | CEO & Strategic Advisor | KMC Controls - Insights Success
KMC Controls: 50 Years of Intuitive Innovation

For nearly 50 years, KMC Controls has helped facilities achieve higher levels of energy efficiency and indoor environment quality by automating building control systems. Located in New Paris, Indiana, the company […]

Frederic Bastien | CEO | Mnubo _ Insights Success
Mnubo: Creating Business Value from Data Using Unprecedented IoT Insights

With more devices than ever connected to the internet, and to each other, the world of networking today has progressed far beyond traditional human-to-machine communications. Everyday consumer objects are being turned into […]

Will Zell | CEO & Founding Partner | Nikola Labs - Insights Success
Nikola Labs: Bringing Wireless Power to Commercial Reality

The 21st century is witnessing rapid advancements in the IoT space with the advent of wireless power technology. In a world where thousands of sensors surround us every day, a […]

Josef Brunner | CEO | relayr - Insights Success
relayr: Helping Manufacturers Embrace Digital Transformation

Established in 2013, relayr quickly made a name for itself as an Industrial IoT powerhouse through organic growth and acquisitions. The first of these was device management company, Proximetry, in December […]

Peter Wong | CEO | Riot Micro - Insights Success
Riot Micro: Simplifying Cellular Connectivity through Unique Chipset Architecture

Riot Micro addresses the strong need for ultra-low power and low-cost requirements to drive a broad adoption of Cellular IoT. A decade after its inception, Riot stands out as a […]

Ainsley Braun | CEO & Co-founder | Tinfoil Security - Insights Success
Tinfoil Security: Inventing Innovative Solutions for Cyber Security

With the growing attachment to digital innovations and the never-ending connectivity between work and personal lives, our world has been filled with data and comprised of vulnerabilities. As a result, cybercrime is […]

Agustin Palaez | CEO & Co-founder | Ubidots - Insights Success
Ubidots: Helping Organizations Connect the Dots

The importance of firsthand experience can never be underestimated. No one understands that better than Agustin Palaez, the Co-founder and CEO of Ubidots. While working for Airbus Germany, he experienced the […]

Dr. Clifford Federspiel | Founder & President/CTO | Vigilent -Insights Success
Vigilent: Frontrunner in Dynamic Cooling Management Market

Vigilent is a pioneer in the Industrial IoT market. The company uses machine learning, wireless sensors, and prescriptive analytics to dynamically manage cooling in mission-critical environments. Vigilent has been in the business […]

Fernando Mendivil | CEO | Amplemind - Insights Success
Why Do We Need to Create Mobile Apps for Business?

Social media pages and responsive websites are great ways to start bringing digital life to your business. However, if you are seriously looking to give an additional punch to your […]

Lindsey LeBlanc | VP of Strategy | Cloud Automation Solutions - Insights Success
What Drives Customer Experience

Recently, I sat in a client road map meeting to discuss a major platform migration effort. Their VP of Technology, QA engineer, orchestration architect, and […]

Barry Napier | CEO & Chairman | Cubic Telecom - Insights Success
Cubic Telecom: An Industry Leader with Futuristic Connectivity Solutions

Telecom is one of the fastest growing industries. Numerous telecom companies across the globe are providing best-in-class solutions and making the market more competitive with […]

Jacqui Taylor | CEO | FlyingBinary - Insights Success
FlyingBinary: Changing the World with Data and Technology

From the first website in 1993, the World Wide Web has grown to become the largest human information system in history, integrated into the everyday […]

Vivek Mehra | Founder & CEO | ParqEx - Insights Success
ParqEx: The Smart Way to Find Parking

ParqEx is a technology company that connects owners of private parking spaces to people looking for parking. In urban areas where parking demand is high […]

Michael Martinez | CEO & Co-founder | Praemo - Insights Success
Praemo: Unleashing the True Potential of Digital Solutions

Praemo was founded by a group of digital industry experts with extensive experience in their respective fields. The company does not only understand technology intimately […]

The Universality of IoT Technology

“The gratifying tool for companies to lead ahead – IoT Technology” The Internet of things (IoT) is a revolutionary change for many sectors like manufacturing, agriculture, […]