Most Innovative Companies to Watch

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Alan Neilson Founder & Executive Chairman VerseOne Group

VerseOne: Designing Intelligent and Customized Content for Business

Digital transformation is affecting almost every industry, whether it’s banking, manufacturing, retail, transportation, energy, and more. With the rise in data-driven marketing strategies, today’s companies […]

Project Listings

New Paradigm in Micro-assembly
A New Paradigm in Micro-assembly: Contactless Manipulation

Micro-assembly becomes more important in industry every day, with many industries growing double digit every year. Dealing with micro components generates multiple issues. Some of […]

Programmatic: The Automation of the Advertising Industry

How It All Started Automation has been around us for quite some time but its widespread adoption across marketing and advertising started around a decade […]

Amjad Hussain | Co-founder & CEO | Where Artificial Intelligence Meets Enterprise Decision- Making

The present technological era, in brevity, is on the path to leading the human race to an unimaginable zenith. Largely influenced by the advancement and […]

Sarji | Founder & CEO | Citrus Informatics
Citrus Informatics: Defining a New Era of Software Development

With the market always clamouring for solution differentiators, organizations are racing against time trying to push innovative and niche solutions to the market. With its […]

Jans Aasman | CEO | Franz Inc.
Franz Inc.: A Global Leader in Graph Database Technology

An early innovator in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Franz Inc. is a leading supplier of Graph Database technology with expert knowledge in developing and deploying Knowledge […]

Sergey Zuev | CEO & Founder | GA Connector
GA Connector: Offering Unique Marketing Solutions Globally

The Story of Inception In early 2015, GA Connector was founded to solve a very specific problem. The CEO, Sergey Zuev, was running PPC ads […]

Scott A. Finlay | CEO & President | MaxMD
MaxMD: A Pioneering Architect of HIT and Interoperability Solutions

MaxMD began with the idea of creating a secure healthcare domain on the World Wide Web. When the ONC announced the Direct Protocol the company […]

Stefan Lindvall | CEO | MultiTech
MultiTech: Voyaging Beyond the Benchmarks of the IoT Industry

Innovation is the product of knowledge and a vision, and persistence acting as a catalyst. To innovate something disruptive, it becomes necessary to transcend its […]

Dennis Monner,CEO and Founderm,Secucloud
Secucloud: Innovative Cloud Solutions for a Safer Cyber-World

As we step forward into the promising world of networked “Internet of Things”, we become more vulnerable towards cyber attackers. Faced with the complex attack […]

Victoria Lennox | President & Co-founder | Startup Canada
Startup Canada: Fostering an Entrepreneurial Culture in Canada

Startup Canada is, nonetheless, an ambitious project. This award-winning non-profit organization was established to help make Canada one of the leading ‘innovation nations’ through fostering […]

Lokesh Gupta,Co-founder and CTO,RM Applications
RM Applications: Offering Cutting-Edge Bespoke Solutions

RM Applications Sdn. Bhd. (RMA) is an MSC Status boutique software company based out of Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). RMA is an ISO Certified i.e ISO […]

Chandra Pandey | Founder and CEO | Seceon
Seceon: Offering Comprehensive Cybersecurity Solutions

With the rise of digital economy, data breaches will continue to prevail. As cyber risk grows, and threats become more sophisticated and pervasive in landscape, […]