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The X Platform is a platform used for mission-critical applications. There is no excuse for lack of rigor when engineering such a product.”

Cover Page - The 20 Most Admired Tech Leaders - Insights Success

Girish Mutreja: An Innovative Leader Creating the Next Generation Platform for Enterprise Applications

A company’s vision guides its actions, motivates and inspires its employees, and gives them a sense of purpose. It is the silent drum to which all company and employee actions beat. The most crucial person behind its success is its leader. He or she needs to guide, course-correct and ensure the company is true to its vision. Girish Mutreja is an example of the ideal leader. His patience, tenacity, and adaptability drive the team at Neeve Research. At a time when the computing industry is at an inflection point, the inflow of data is increasing exponentially, and the time windows for exploiting this information………………..
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Entrepreneur of the Year

Lu Zhang | Founder & Managing Partner | Fusion Fund - Insights Success

Lu Zhang: A Successful and Innovative Venture Capitalist

Successful leaders are the ones who dedicate their lives towards transforming their dreams into realities. They are characterized by hard work, perseverance, and the vision to succeed. They create their own roads to success by overcoming all hurdles in their path…………………..
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The 20 Most Admired Tech Leaders in Business 2017

Dean Ziegler | Founder & Owner | Systems2win - Insights Success

Dean Ziegler: An Entrepreneur Assisting Businesses with Effective Business Process Improvement Templates

Whether sustaining your business or taking it up a notch higher, organizations must continuously improve their business processes. Failure to update and enhance existing business processes can lead to a higher operational cost, lower...
Dr. Manuel Aschwanden | CEO | Optotune - Insights Success

Dr. Manuel Aschwanden: Enabling optical innovation

Many people have the wish to become an entrepreneur, but before becoming an entrepreneur, choosing the right domain and acquiring the right skill set is a difficult task to accomplish. One person who was...
James C. Paat | President & CEO | InXite Health Systems - Insights Success

James C. Paat: A Passionate and Determined Leader

‘Healthcare’ ‒ when we hear this word, we often tend to think only about doctors, medicines and hospitals. But the scenario has changed and healthcare has become one such industry which is under drastic...
Steph Lawrence | Co - founder | Traveling Spoon - Insights Success

Steph Lawrence: Creating the Most Memorable Travel Experiences

We all love traveling. Sight-seeing, meeting new people, and let us not forget the endless amounts of Instagram posts. But the best part of all is food. Food is powerful. It has the ability...
Dr. Sunny Dronawat | Co - founder & CEO | POS on Cloud - Insights Success

Sunny Dronawat: A Passionate Entrepreneur

Today, ambitious and innovative Indian individuals are dominating the industrial sector. However grabbing the right opportunity in such tenacious competition and parading towards delivering ultimate performance is commendable. Dr. Sunny Dronawat, Co-Founder and CEO...
Waylon Krush | Co - founder & CEO | Lunarline, Inc - Insights Success

Waylon Krush: A Hands-on Cyber Security Leader

If you own a business and you have a website, network, product, or application then you should safeguard it from the hackers and accidental data breaches. When small businesses hear about network security it’s...
Joe Caserta | President | Caserta Information Technology and Services - Insights Success

Joe Caserta: Leading Data Intelligence Forward

Successful leaders have crystal clear vision, take calculated risks and maintain calm under immense pressure. Joe Caserta is one such leader who knows how to empower his team and bring his business visions to...
Shailesh Naik | CEO | MatchMove - Insights Success

Shailesh Naik: An Out of the Box Thinker & a Leading Entrepreneur

Shailesh Naik’s goal: To put banking as a service inside every phone. Today, the global economy is marching ahead towards total cashless transaction reformation, but there are numerous countries in Southeast Asia where a vast...
Hardik Parekh | CEO | Searce - Insights Success

Hardik Parekh: Leveraging Cloud, Automation & Analytics to Futurify businesses

Starting a business is often a triumph of heart over head. With so many unknowns at play, it is ones instinct & a deep desire to do something different which motivates entrepreneurs to get...

CXO Standpoint

Ralf Wilden | Founder & CEO | Intentsys Pte. Ltd. - Insights Success

Tap Corporate Data like Petrol from the Gas Station

Data Integration has a long history in computing, so have these foreign sounding APIs - Application Programming Interfaces. These are Software programs digging holes into the software application to tap data for subsequent processing. Recently,...
Khai Lin Chua | Co - founder & CFO | Fundnel - Insights Success

How Smart are Blockchain Smart Contracts?

The dizzying rise in the valuation of bitcoin has created significant buzz in the finance sector. While much focus has centred around the viability of bitcoin in financial systems, the technology that undergirds the...