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Our Mission is to contribute to high quality, efficient drug development, and conduct science that contributes to the public welfare.”

CMIC, Inc.: Pharmaceutical Value Creator

CMIC, Inc. is a leading CRO (Contract Research Organization) and a provider specialized in bioanalytical services in support of TK/PK/PD Biomarker studies for pre-clinical and clinical developments. Located in Hoffman Estates, IL, the company provides cutting-edge capabilities and sophisticated expertise in bioanalytical method development, method validation/qualification and study sample analysis for small and large molecules. As a strategic drug development partner……..
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Titan Technologies Inc.: Serving Clients with Ebullience

The sweeping improvements in technology have made the lives of humans easier and faster. These enhancements in technology have changed the perception of the world for humans. The smartest minds of our generation had invented……….
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The 20 Most Admired Tech Companies 2018

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