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CMIC, Inc.: Pharmaceutical Value Creator

CMIC, Inc. is a leading CRO (Contract Research Organization) and a provider specialized in bioanalytical services in support of TK/PK/PD Biomarker studies for pre-clinical and […]

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How is technology going to transform the financial sector

Fintech (Finance + Technology) is one of most significant trends in the world. Transformational technologies, such as smartphones, smartwatches, blockchain, P2P network, cryptography, machine learning […]

Internet of Things is present in every product we use. How has IOT changed the lives of humans?

Does anyone remember a time before the Internet? Most of us have seen it, but it’s hard to recreate it in our mind. It only […]

Athena Systems: Perfecting the Investment Process for Hedge Funds

“Playing to your strengths and outsourcing the rest” is the current trend of the investment management industry, manifesting most notably in hedge funds. Hedge fund […]

BankerBay: The Future of Investment Banking

Technological innovation is rapidly disrupting the traditional investment bank’s role and relevance in the deal making process. One company that has contributed significantly to this […]

NewBanking: Enriching Financial Data Protection with Blockchain

FinTech is not a mere buzzword anymore. It has evolved, elevated in many ways and has turned to be a major disruption with the unstoppable […]

QuintessenceLabs: Data Security Solutions that Build Quantum Resilience

The growth of technology has increased the exposure of data security breaches, and most large organizations struggle with forming solid security strategies. While doing their […]

Websites Depot: The Widely-Acclaimed Designing Platform

In this era of digital advancement, digital marketing is the most common and effective way of marketing by far. Every company is striving to have […]

Inti Data Utama – An Innovative ERP and Analytics Solution Provider

The growth of ERP is nothing less than phenomenal. Over the time, it has proved to be among one of the best tools for managing […]

BlackSwan Technologies: ’The Intelligence of Everything’

The evolution of computing involved numerous changes and groundbreaking upgrades to optimize the computing experience to what it is today. It all started with hardware […]

DFNN: Technology very much in play

Technological advances in the past few decades have significantly increased the competitive nature of the economic business world. Companies have used software, computers and the […]

IWN™: A WiFi Wireless Carrier for the Global Rural Communities

Nowadays, tech companies are moving at a fast pace and improving the agile strategies in order to transform the market with their own enterprise solutions […]

Stone & Chalk: The Marketplace for FinTechs Breaking the Mould

Fintech has continued to be one of the dominant focus areas for innovation globally in 2018 and has well and truly established itself as the […]

Titan Technologies Inc.: Serving Clients with Ebullience

The sweeping improvements in technology have made the lives of humans easier and faster. These enhancements in technology have changed the perception of the world […]

Chandra Pandey | Founder & CEO | SECEON | Insights Success
Seceon: Visionary Cybersecurity Leader

Companies of all types and sizes, in countries around the globe, are jumping on the digitization bandwagon. This new, increasingly connected digital world promises to […]

LEADERSHIP_TRAIT | Insights Success
Leadership Shadow: Fading the dark into light

Leadership is not about individuals, it’s about the relationship between a leader and his followers and that’s why Warren Bennis has said: “A leader doesn’t […]