Businesswomen Overcoming the Pandemic

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Team TELUS: Improving the Lives of Canadians

Digitalization and globalization have changed the way businesses work. In addition, the pandemic brought in many disruptions along with it. This has put leadership roles […]

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Abir Chermiti | Founder & Podcast Host | EllePod
Abir Chermiti: An Enthusiastic Award-Winning Women In Tech Ally

Have you wonder you can do what you always wanted, or you should be in a different place but don’t know where to start? “If […]

Brenda L. Jimenez | Chief Executive Officer | Mentor New York
BRENDA L. JIMENEZ: Scaling Mentoring in a Time of Crisis

One in three young people in the USA grows up without a mentor – something known as the mentoring gap. And Brenda Jimenez, CEO at […]

Connie Mclnnes | Owner Creator | R Studios
Connie McInnes: Striding to Bring Change through Combining Music, Art and Yoga

“The industry has majorly suffered – and with the majority of gyms and studios dealing with multi-month closures and strict restrictions, there has never been […]

Edith N. Nordmann | Managing Partner | Attorney at Law | ACG International

The greatness of a person has to be established by his or her ability to thrive even in tough times. When going gets tough, the […]

Emma Dickison | CEO & President | Home Helpers | Home Care
Emma Dickison: A Successful Franchise Industry Veteran Leader

As life is becoming more challenging amid the pandemic, and the ever-increasing complicated business world, have you ever felt like it has become increasingly challenging […]

Jaclyn Tsai, Co-Founder, Lee, Tsai & Partners Attorneys-at-Law
Jaclyn Tsai: Influential Thought Leader in Technology

Today, people are spending significantly more time in the virtual world as compared to before, and the virtual world is borderless. However, each country has […]

Jeanniey Walden | Chief Innovation & Marketing Officer | DailyPay
Jeanniey Walden: The Definition of Strategic Partner

A recent Harris Poll showed that 36% of employed Americans say they rely on financial assistance programs offered by their employer for financial guidance and […]

Laurie Allen | CEO | ACMS
LAURIE ALLEN: Recognized for Dedication & Professional Excellence

In today’s business climate, entrepreneurs need to be flexible, adaptable to the ever-changing work environment, a strong communicator, and especially good listener. Patience is not […]

Monique Allen | President | ACMS
Monique Allen: An Effective Decision-Maker

The design-build approach is the modernized project delivery system. It effectively collaborates the designers and contractors into one-entity. This method prevails the classic adversarial relationship […]

Natalie Ruiz | CEO | AnswerConnect

An answering service is more than a convenience. Often, it’s the difference between landing a customer or losing them. The mark of a good answering […]

Neena Vlamis | A & N Mortgage
Neena Vlamis: A Visionary Mortgage Leader with Focused Mindset

Being at the helm of A and N Mortgage, has been an incredible journey for Neena Vlamis who founded the company 19 years ago. She […]

Kristi Herold: Helping People and Company Teams Connect Through Play – Unlocking Profit and Productivity while Enhancing Corporate Culture

Stress and lack of human connection is the ultimate culture-killer within the workplace, and this has worsened over the past year, due to the havoc the pandemic […]

Lucie Barron: A Trailblazer in the Legal Industry, an Inspiration in Real Life

Lucie Barron is the President and Founder of ADR Services, Inc., one of the leading providers of alternative dispute resolution services in California. Though a success in her field now, Lucie grew up in the face […]

Tina Tehranchian: A Renowned Name in Wealth Advisory in Canada

“I do not believe in micro-management and instead believe in training my employees and educating them enough so that they can do tasks independently” says Tina Tehranchian. A […]

Laura Mensch | Vice President of Health Benefits Management | TELUS Health
Laura Mensch: Leveraging Technology to Improve Health Experiences

The pandemic has been a catalyst for change, and this is likely most evident in the rapid and exponential growth in demand for virtual care. […]