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Elevate Workplace with Ethical Standards!

“Ethics is knowing the difference between what you have a right to do and what is right to do.” -Potter Stewart, Former Associate Justice of […]

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biophilic design | online business magazine
Biophilic Design: A Grandiose Architectural Trend to Enrich Workplace

The serene view of greenery, the murmuring sound of a fountain, the refreshing sound of raindrops tickling on the glass…don’t they feel quite soothing to […]

STEM and Augmented Reality is the Best Marriage to Deliver Motivation to the Classroom

In the era of rapid digital advancement, schools are struggling to maintain relevancy in their classes due to rapid changes in the job market and […]

Marc Rippen | Founder & CEO | Alertgy | online business magazine
Alertgy: Solving Significant Global Problems for Diabetics

Today, diseases such as diabetes are spreading at a very fast rate mainly due to more relaxed lifestyles, genes, and choices of food. The World […]

Bytecoin | online business magazine
Bytecoin: A Citadel of Privacy and Security in an Ever-Encroaching World

Bytecoin was created back in 2012, during the first wave of crypto development, when the blockchain was well outside of mainstream consciousness. The vision for […]

Steve DeDera | CTO | Card Testing International | online business magazine
Card Testing International: Globally Recognized Certification

Established in 1995, Card Testing International™ (CTI) is a global leader in certification and testing for cards in the Government ID, Financial, EMVCo™, e-Passport, and […]

Denny Cherry | Founder & Principal Consultant | Denny Cherry and Associates Consulting | online business magazine
Denny Cherry and Associates Consulting: A World Leader in Cloud and Data Solutions

Founded in 2012, Denny Cherry and Associates Consulting offers the finest Cloud and Data solutions crafted by its globally renowned award-winning experts, capable of making […]

Eric Alain | Founder & CEO | Eperformance | online business magazine
Eperformance: Offering Specialized Web-Centric Applications

Based out of Canada, and serving Canada and US markets, Eperformance is an IT firm specializing in web-centric applications for electronic service delivery within the […]

David Mansilla | CEO | ISU Corp | online business magazine
ISU Corp: An Exceptional Way to ‘Custom Software Solutions’

Founded in 2005, headquartered in Waterloo, Ontario, ISU Corp is a high-end software consulting firm with the sole purpose of increasing the client’s profits with […]

Christy Forest | CEO & Executive Director | LiveHire | online business magazine
LiveHire: Putting Talent First both Inside and Out

About the Company LiveHire is all about changing the game when it comes to Talent Acquisition by putting candidate engagement at the heart of what […]

Waylon Krush | Founder & CEO | lunarline | online business magazine
Lunarline: A Global Cybersecurity and Privacy Solutions Company

For over 15 years Lunarline has delivered Solutions Built on Security® to over 500 clients in multiple federal and commercial sectors. Lunarline helps customers develop […]

John Austin | CEO & Founder | Talegent | online business magazine
Talegent: Leveraging Big Data to Predict Human Potential

Headquartered in London, Talegent provides AI-Driven Video Based Assessments that optimise candidate experience in delivering analytics-informed decisions. Talegent delivers creative solutions for predicting human performance […]

Martin Laflamme, Denis Gagné & Martin Legault | owners & managing partners | Trisotech | online business magazine
Trisotech: A Global Leader in Innovative Digital Enterprise Solutions

There is a multitude of theories on how to make a business successful in this new era of technology and the online world. The thing […]