The 20 Best Performing CEOs to Watch in 2019

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Dr. Bassam Damaj | CEO | Innovus Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Dr. Bassam Damaj: Proven Track Record of Doing Commercial and Partnership Deals, Building a Rich Pipeline and Turning Around Biotech and Pharma Companies

To lead an organization effectively, the CEO of the organization should have certain skills, talents, and abilities to utilize available resources optimally for the successful […]

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Benedikt Brueckle: Synchronizing Healthcare

In an Interview with Insights Success, Benedikt Brueckle, CEO of CompuGroup Medical, Inc. (CGM Inc.) shares his journey and about his contribution in the healthcare industry through CompuGroup […]

Berry Hendriks | Founder & CEO | CyBe Construction B.V.
Berry Hendriks: Redefining the Construction Industry

Raised as the fourth generation in a large construction company, Berry Hendriks, the Founder & CEO of CyBe, grew up at the construction site. Fascinated by building, […]

Cate Luzio | Founder & CEO | Luminary
Cate Luzio: Putting Collaboration and Professional Growth First

“If you fall down, get up and dust yourself off,” believes Cate Luzio, the Founder and CEO of Luminary. It takes immense courage, perseverance, and […]

Garrett Gafke | CEO | IdentityMind
Garrett Gafke: Fighting Risk through Digital Identities

In an interview with Insights Success, Garrett Gafke, CEO of IdentityMind shares his journey and discusses his contribution through IdentityMind to the market using innovative […]

Josef Bruckschloegl | CEO | KWAK Telecom Ltd.
Josef Bruckschloegl: Bringing Better Business Solutions to Organization

Josef is an educated engineer and graduated in telecommunications and media-economics at University of applied science in St. Poelten Austria, in the year 2000. A […]

Michael Greene | CEO | Enzoic
Michael Greene: Being Genuine and Leading with Passion

In an interview with Insights Success, Michael Greene, CEO of Enzoic, shares his journey and experiences in leading multiple organizations as a CEO. He reveals the […]

Simon Lajboschitz | Co-founder & CEO | Khora
Simon Lajboschitz: A Virtual Explorer

The exponential technologies such as AI, machine learning, Augmented Realities, Virtual Realities, etc. are creating endless opportunities for the businesses as well as human mankind. […]

Garry Drummond | Founder & CEO | 802 Secure
Garry Drummond: A Veteran Enthusiast of Information Security

In an interview with Insights Success, Garry Drummond, Founder and CEO, 802 Secure, shares valuable insights from the experiences he gained in his entrepreneurial journey. Moreover, […]

Darren Roos | CEO | IFS
Darren Roos: A Result Driven Market Challenger

In today’s business environment, macroeconomic forces, such as trade disputes, political tensions and regulatory changes can cause both disruption and uncertainty. To navigate this often […]

Richard Waryn | CEO | LDK Logistics
Richard Waryn: Empowering People to be the Best They Can Be

It is not the title that reflects the leadership of any individual, leadership is known by the personal attributes of leaders such as charisma, eloquence, […]

Walter Perdigao | Co-founder | CrossConcept
Walter Perdigao: Delivering More than Expected

CEO’s needs the ability to learn from previous experiences and improve their processes from the lessons learned. Constant and continual improvement is key to effective […]