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FreeBalance: Government Offerings Accelerates Sustainable Country Growth

It wasn’t the 25 years of public finances software experience in the Government of Canada that attracted Manuel Pietra to Ottawa-based FreeBalance. With global executive […]

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The Balance of Customer’s Demands and Resources is must for becoming Successful

Any customer always looks for long term relation with their external agencies. For a UX design agency it is very important that we always empathise […]

How Data Sharing will Speed-up the Race towards an Autonomous Future

The discussion around self-driving cars, and whether and when they’ll actually arrive, is never-ending. Forecasts and predictions range from “they’re already here” to “they’ll never […]

Muhammad S Rahimtoola, Founder and Director, 24 World
24 World: Enhancing Business Agility with Innovation

Mobility, being one of the major changes that have happened after the invention of internet has enabled everyone to have access to the ‘world-wide-web’ from […]

Approyo: Simplifying SAP with Innovative SAP Cloud Solutions

The current IT landscape is evolving more rapidly with the brand new cloud technologies and massive transformation in business processes. Approyo brings SAP solutions with […]

Ecoppia: Empowering the Solar Industry by Robotic Cleaning Solution

Electricity is essential for a country’s urbanization, industrialization, and also for economic growth. As the demand for energy continues to grow over time, it has […]

Fidello: Leveraging Human Performance at its Best

Currently, the global Human Resource Management sector is driving through the complexities of demand and supply at an exponential rate. The industry players are focusing […]

Innova Solutions: Navigating Business Transformation with Advanced Technologies

Yearning to bring agility and innovation to enterprises, Innova Solutions is a global information technology company with a long and proud history of forging strategic […]

Volume AI: Redefining Customer Experience with Artificial Intelligence

The advancement in digital technology has increased the expectations for omni-channel touchpoints at home and in the workplace. Permanently connected devices are shaping customer behaviours […]

Origin Integrated Studios: Enriching Healthcare with Digitized Workflow

Headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Origin Integrated Studios develops innovative and creative software solutions for the healthcare industry. Brimming with an energetic and enthusiastic team, […]