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Jenny Lin | Chief Operating Officer & Board Member | CMIC Inc.

CMIC Inc.: Leading Treasure in Healthcare Industry Especially in Pharmaceutical Sector

Pharmaceutical sector is blooming at subsequently than ever being imagined. And only few companies proved themselves worthy of it. Meet CMIC, Inc., a leading CRO […]

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Roy Farfara | MD, Founder & CTO | Triox Nano
Triox Nano: Pioneers in point of care programmable medicine! Presenting the next healthcare revolution!

In an interview with Insights Success, Triox Nano’s management describes its impeccable journey to become the first biotech company to develop a modular programmed drug […]

Jan Miotto | President | Metrendalytics
METRENDALYTICS: Combining Knowledge and Technology to Bring Efficiency in Business

Metrendalytics was founded by scientists, for scientists. Our goal is to provide integrated solutions which provide a consolidated view of all of one’s operational data—whatever […]

Elaine M. Wallace | Assistant Dean | Clinical Education
Elaine M. Wallace: Elevating Standards of Education in Healthcare

The world of healthcare has changed remarkably over the last few years. Today, the patient has become the focus of the healthcare where the solutions […]

Elias Chabtini | Founder & CEO | Medica Group
Elias Chabtini: Becoming a Trendsetter in Cosmetic Industry

Meet Elias Chabtini, Founder and CEO of Medica Group, is an entrepreneur and visionary businessman. Elias today is an experienced individual in the Medico – […]

Karim Smaira | Co-Founder & CEO | Genpharm
Genpharm: Commit. Connect. Cure

“We strongly feel that we have a responsibility towards rare and genetic disease patients and their families in the Middle East region,” says Karim Smaira. […]

Katrin Keller | Founder-MD | Samedi GmbH, Berlin
Katrin Keller: A Leading Name in the Health-Tech Space

“There are no mistakes to make, only new experiences to learn from.” – Katrin Keller, Founder-MD of Samedi GmbH, Berlin. The aforementioned line summarizes volumes […]

Haseeb Awan

The days are long gone where the security threat surrounded our computer only. Modern problems have expanded to our personal devices. The broad classification of […]

The Impacts of Pandemic in Pharma and Biotech Laboratory

The Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) was and is a world-changing event that has touched the lives of everyone on the planet, but on a positive […]