The 10 Successful Entrepreneur Revamping The Future

Cover Story

Buthaina Hassan Al-Ansari | Chairman Advisor | Just Real Estate

Dr. Buthaina H. Al-Ansari: Promoting Women Empowerment and Updated HR Strategies in Qatarnnn

Education is the magic of my success, because of my education, I differentiate myself among other women in Qatar,” says Buthaina Hassan Al-Ansari. She added “Education helped me […]

Project Listings

Jillian Hamilton | Managing Director | Manage Damage
Jillian Hamilton: A Proficient in Risk Management

For a leader, leadership is a process of constant learning which strengthens by an unwavering commitment to development and collaboration. One such leader is Jillian Hamilton, who believes […]

Tarek Mohamed | CEO | Sharetheload,
Tarek Mohamed: An Autodidact Leader with Innovative Vision

I think, to ever be a CEO/Director, you need to have a brutal streak to ensure everything is done right despite it isn’t right. Just always […]

Lise Pape | Founder & Managing Director | Walk With Path
Lise Pape: Helping People with Parkinson’s Walk

After seeing her father struggling to walk and do other tasks that many of us take for granted, the Founder and Managing Director of Walk With Path, […]

Patrick Henry | CEO & President | GroGuru
Patrick Henry: Helping Farmers Implement Strategic Irrigation Management

With the focus on helping farmers implement strategic irrigation management GroGuru came into existence. The organization measures things like soil moisture, temperature, and salinity at various root […]