The 10 Successful Entrepreneur Revamping The Future

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Jillian Hamilton | Managing Director | Manage Damage
Jillian Hamilton: A Proficient in Risk Management

For a leader, leadership is a process of constant learning which strengthens by an unwavering commitment to development and collaboration. One such leader is Jillian Hamilton, who believes […]

Lise Pape | Founder & Managing Director | Walk With Path
Lise Pape: Helping People with Parkinson’s Walk

After seeing her father struggling to walk and do other tasks that many of us take for granted, the Founder and Managing Director of Walk With Path, […]

Debra Griffin | Managing Member | PPXTEC || Dean Harrison | Software Developer & Technical Lead | Patient Provider Exchange (PPX)
Debra Griffin and Dean Harrison: A Duo of Proficient Business Leaders in Healthcare

Advancement in technology has brought a huge change to the healthcare industry. Patients now can check accurate medical information using their handheld devices, but they […]

Diyaa Zebian | Founder & CEO | Archinnova
Diyaa Zebian: A Visionary IT Proficient with Proven Track Record

The path to entrepreneurship is often a risky one filled with unexpected changes, obstructions and dead ends. There are lots of restless nights, ideas that […]

Susanne Skov Diemer | Founder & CEO | Praesidio Group
SUSANNE SKOV DIEMER: Safeguarding organizations with optimal security, risk and crisis solutions

Security is rapidly becoming an ever-higher business priority to protect enterprises against potential attacks that threaten a business and its assets – its foundation and […]