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Zudy ® : Revolutionizing Enterprise Software with No-Code

From global tech giants to small enterprises, every business wants robust, versatile systems to respond to customer and business needs. However, lengthy development cycles of traditional enterprise software simply cannot keep up with the pace and complexity of evolving modern requirements. The months and years of hard-coding needed to implement new modern systems means your developments become obsolete while still in the pipeline. An entirely different, reliable and agile software development platform was needed, and the answer came in the form of using no code at all. ………
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The 10 Most Successful Companies to Watch 2018

Gordon Shevlin | CEO & Co - Founder | Allgress - Insights Success

Allgress: An Elite Risk and Compliance Management Solution Provider

As the term exclaims, Risk and Compliance Management is the coordinated integration of all governance, risk management, and compliance activities within an organization. Governance refers to the coordinated processes and strategies established by the management to meet their risk management objectives. Risk management...
James Hargrove | CEO | Analytic Systems Ware Ltd - Insights Success

Analytic Systems: Electrifying Your Business with Power Conversion

Electrification of our world is continuing at an ever accelerating pace. In addition to traditional sources of electricity, new sources such as wind, solar, tidal and geothermal are all developing quickly; so is the demand for that electricity which is projected...
Christopher Carter | CEO | Approyo - Insights Success

Approyo: Purpose-Driven Cloud Solutions

Christopher Carter, CEO of Approyo recognized the need for a company that could provide cost-effective strategic solutions using the best of SAP, cloud and big data analytics. This motivation led to the inception of the company back in 2011. Approyo is a...
Alok Bhatia | Co - Founder & President | Canvas InfoTech Inc - Insights Success

Canvas InfoTech Inc.: Fulfilling Staffing Needs Efficiently

Staffing industry is one of the most well-known, exciting and diverse industries around. It has flourished from a fairly narrow sector, specially known for providing office personnel to replace sick or vacationing workers, to a major industry which now provides a...
Coyne Borre | CEO | Jennifer Rottier | COO | Midwest Restoration - Insights Success

Midwest Restoration: A Brilliant Emergency Platform Built by a Great Team

A team is formed when individuals with a common taste, preference, liking, and attitude, shares a common goal. Team plays a vital role in organizations as well as in our personal lives. Henry Ford once said “Coming together is a beginning....
Gary Maag | Co - Founder & CEO | Proactive Worldwide - Insights Success

Proactive Worldwide: A Global Leader in Strategic Intelligence Services

At first glance, business research and consulting firms seem somewhat similar. True, their staff qualifications, capabilities, presentations, and fee structures don’t appear to vary much. However, the devil’s in the details. These firms can...

Digi Transformations

Eric Dresselhuys | President | Smart Energy Water - Insights Success

Decoding Digital Transformation for Utilities

Massive technology changes, never seen or experienced before are revolutionizing the businesses with advent of the new wave of digital innovation. From cloud computing to mobility, to big data analytics, IoT, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, these technologies have completely transformed the business...

Mentor’s Insights

Eliad Saporta | Managing Director | Coriunder - Insights Success

Backend-As-A-Service for Payments-As-A-Service

The growth of the Fintech ecosystem brought with it an influx of Payment Service Providers (PSP). These new arrivals are changing the way the industry is serving and interacting with its customers. Growth Triggers Fresh...

Inside Entrepreneurship from Emerging Markets

Alisee de Tonnac | CEO | Seedstars World - Insights Success

Emerging Tech, Revolutions & Crisis for Entrepreneurs: FACTS and Observations

By Alisee de Tonnac, CEO of Seedstars World Compared to Silicon Valley, the markets we operate in are eager to keep up by creating environments for entrepreneurs and startups. This is driven by investments in...

Editor’s Viewpoint

Editor's Viewpoint - Insights Success

How Technology is Driving Procurement?

Acquiring or buying goods, services and work often via tendering or competitive bidding process is known as procurement. Corporate and public sectors unit seeks it to be a fair and open competition process of...

Industry Insider

DevOps - Bridging the Gap between Dev and Ops - Insights Success

DevOps – Bridging the Gap between Dev and Ops

For centuries, humans have had a propensity to pit two or more teams with distinctive functionalities against each other – even when they are on the same team. This dynamic can be witnessed even...


Leading Insights to Become the Most Successful Person This Year - Insights Success

Leading Insights to Become the Most Successful Person This Year

Experiencing a seamless growth is not a miracle, but an appeal in actionable process. Success is a universal concept and not solitude for a certain people, class or origin. So, with this idea, success...