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VeriPark | CEO | Özkan Erener

VeriPark: Bringing the Promise of Digital Transformation of Financial Institutions to Life

Digital transformation is not anymore merely an option for organizations. It has become a means to future-proofing their business and improving the customer experience, employee […]

Project Listings

Aaron Gladman | CEO Card Services | Intercash
Intercash: Customized Global Payment Solutions for your Organization.

While most businesses were already trending towards a more digitized way of life, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has thrust the world into a digital revolution. […]

New Access: Enabling Digital Transformation With Advanced Digital Wealth Management Platform

From last few years we observe a dramatic shift to utilizing digital services. It is todays even more important for private bankers and wealth managers […]

One Global™: Ensuring Holistic Digital Financial Services with Convenience and Security

With the advancement of technology, the world is looking for many customized solutions in every aspect of life. Improving lifestyle is always on the bucket […]

Processware Systems: Facilitating Digitalization of Financial Institutions

With the world going more digital, there is an increasing need for online assistance or solutions to meet the financial needs of the users. Banking […]

Computer Security
A Humanistic View of Computer Security

Much has been said and done about security in recent years, both physically and logically. The appearance of threats grows exponentially and therefore, more and […]