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Matt Rocco | President & General Manager | Jim Iyoob | Chief Customer Officer | Etech Global Services - Insights Success

Etech: Individuals Driven by Human Intelligence and Technology for Perfect Synergy

Probably the most perfect example of synergy in the animal kingdom, a beehive is run by millions of bees in pursuit of a common objective […]

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Prashanth Rajendran | CEO | ComplianceQuest - Insights Success
ComplianceQuest: Managing Quality and Compliance in the Cloud

ComplianceQuest is a highly flexible modern cloud-based Enterprise Quality Management System (EQMS) built and run natively on Salesforce®. The organization streamlines quality, compliance, content, and […]

Barry Maxon | CEO & Co - Founder | SafetyChain - Insights Success
SafetyChain: Ensuring Food Quality and Safety through Software

The food and beverage industry is of critical importance because it impacts all of us in some way, every day. Comprised of a number of […]

Ran Rachlin | Co - Founder & CEO | Ubertesters - Insights Success
Ubertesters: Assuring Quality with Unique QA Management and Testing

Consumer expectations have changed drastically in recent years – there is much less patience, and zero tolerance for products that fail. Customers won’t accept bugs […]

Roberto Mangual | President and CEO | EXENTA - Insights Success
Digital Transformation: A Requirement for Success in the Era of Omnichannel

Recent positive holiday retail sales soundly confirm that omnichannel commerce is no longer a trend – rather the new reality for retailers and their supply […]

Len Finkle | CEO | PROFISEE GROUP - Insights Success
Customer Experience: Fulfilling the Expectations set by Customers

In the last two years alone, 90% of the data in the world has been created. The world is steadily becoming more connected with an […]

Chris Budd | Co-founder | Isolocity -Insights Success
Managing Quality in the Technological Age

Quality is a factor in any business, the importance of a quality management system ranges anywhere from “Essential” in industries like Air Travel, and Automotive […]

Michael Dunlop | Founder & CEO | Net Inspect - Insights Success
Net-Inspect: Shaping the Supply Chain and Quality Management Landscape

Committed to standing out from the competition with its services, Net-Inspect provides web-based supply chain and quality management solutions to over 7,000 manufacturers in 48 […]