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Etech: Individuals Driven by Human Intelligence and Technology for Perfect Synergy

Probably the most perfect example of synergy in the animal kingdom, a beehive is run by millions of bees in pursuit of a common objective for their entire lives. During the course of their daily routine, bees often protect their colony by routinely making the ultimate sacrifice of offering their own lives for the greater good. Hence, it is not surprising that beehives are often symbolized as the epitome of a highly successful working culture and may represent the ideal way to run organizations. Their dedication to their cause and their commitment is something ………
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The 10 Most Recommended Quality Management Solution Providers 2018

Prashanth Rajendran | CEO | ComplianceQuest - Insights Success

ComplianceQuest: Managing Quality and Compliance in the Cloud

ComplianceQuest is a highly flexible modern cloud-based Enterprise Quality Management System (EQMS) built and run natively on Salesforce®. The organization streamlines quality, compliance, content, and collaboration management workflows across its clients’ company and globally-based...
Barry Maxon | CEO & Co - Founder | SafetyChain - Insights Success

SafetyChain: Ensuring Food Quality and Safety through Software

The food and beverage industry is of critical importance because it impacts all of us in some way, every day. Comprised of a number of sub-industries, the F&B industry includes everything from food processing...
Ran Rachlin | Co - Founder & CEO | Ubertesters - Insights Success

Ubertesters: Assuring Quality with Unique QA Management and Testing

Consumer expectations have changed drastically in recent years – there is much less patience, and zero tolerance for products that fail. Customers won’t accept bugs or crashes when they try a product for the...
Michael Dunlop | Founder & CEO | Net Inspect - Insights Success

Net-Inspect: Shaping the Supply Chain and Quality Management Landscape

Committed to standing out from the competition with its services, Net-Inspect provides web-based supply chain and quality management solutions to over 7,000 manufacturers in 48 countries across the world.  The company has developed the...

Digital Viewpoint

Roberto Mangual | President and CEO | EXENTA - Insights Success

Digital Transformation: A Requirement for Success in the Era of Omnichannel

Recent positive holiday retail sales soundly confirm that omnichannel commerce is no longer a trend – rather the new reality for retailers and their supply chains. It is also clear, however, that many companies...

Inside Perspective

Len Finkle | CEO | PROFISEE GROUP - Insights Success

Customer Experience: Fulfilling the Expectations set by Customers

In the last two years alone, 90% of the data in the world has been created. The world is steadily becoming more connected with an ever-increasing number of electronic devices, that’s only set to...

Quality Vision

Chris Budd | Co-founder | Isolocity -Insights Success

Managing Quality in the Technological Age

Quality is a factor in any business, the importance of a quality management system ranges anywhere from “Essential” in industries like Air Travel, and Automotive to “Important” in businesses such as event planning, and...

Tech Talk

Chatbots: A Dynamic Digital Gesture for Creative Entrepreneurs - Insights Success

Chatbots: A Dynamic Digital Gesture for Creative Entrepreneurs

The arrival of Chatbots is considered to be an incredible breakthrough in the realm of business or any kind of entrepreneurships. It is one of the smartest innovations by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural...