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Cover Page - The 10 Most Promising BI and Analytics Solution Providers 2018 March2018 - Insights Success

Snype: Specializing in the Treatment of Data Analytics

“What’s get measured, gets managed” The utilization of statistics based data insights and the striking realization that the information gathered from the same can be of utmost value, has and will continue to cause a serious ripple effect in the business world. It has been proven for decades that being smarter translates into success, and data analytics has had a big role to play in ensuring competitive business advantages, as far back as the 19th century. But over the years data has radically evolved, whether it is in terms of type, volume, or velocity. The rapid transformation in the……….
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Company of the Month

Lokesh Gupta | Co - Founder | RM Applications - Insights Success

RM Applications: A Premium Provider of Advanced Technology based Remittance, Risk & Regulatory Reporting Data Management & Financial Solutions

With an unwavering thought of “Why it can’t be done?” a group of professionals boasting years of experience within ………………….
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Brand of the Month

Dinesh Rathi | General Manager & Business Head | Promax, Wipro Ltd. - Insights Success

Wipro Promax: Digitizing and Optimizing your Trade Promotions

The Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry is now in the “Digitally Enabled Shopper Era” and is faced by increasing demands of the omni-channel ecosystem. In order……….
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The 10 Most Promising BI and Analytics Solution Providers 2018

Amjad Hussain | CEO & Co - Founder | Algomus - Insights Success

Algomus: Bridging the Gap between Humans and Machines

In the Spike Jonze directed movie – Her, the protagonist had a relationship with an AI enabled program, which boasted the capability of conversing like a human and performed mundane and complex tasks with...
Craig McKell | CEO | RPMG - Insights Success

RPMG: Rolling the Moneyball of Revenue Performance

Moneyball, a 2011 Hollywood blockbuster starring Brad Pitt, is a tale of how unorthodox business intelligence coupled with an unconventional approach can reap spectacular success. In the movie, a baseball team manager and an...
Yaniv Leven | Co - Founder & CEO | Panoply - Insights Success

Panoply: The World’s First Cloud Smart Data Warehouse

There is no question that cloud technology holds enormous potential. This has prompted major companies everywhere to move their back-office systems to cloud-based data warehouse platforms. With cloud-based data warehouse storage, data is saved on...
Chris Matty | CEO & Founder | Versium - Insights Success

Versium: Riding on Revolutionary Marketing Insights to Bring Digital Marketing home

When the world was driven by mainstream media, TV audience was passive and could not make an independent decision about what they liked or didn’t like. With the emergence of digital media marketing and...

Thought Leadership

Karen Kerrigan | Chief Legal Officer | Seedrs Limited - Insights Success

Regulating Fintech: Now the Regulator Needs to be more Tech than Fin

The last 10 years has witnessed a huge boom in alternative finance (“altfi”). As many commentators have observed, this was in part kick-started by the global financial crisis – with consumers becoming disillusioned by...

IT Insights

Christopher Coluccio | CEO & Co-Founder | Techworks Consultng - Insights Success

Top Queries to Ask Your IT Provider — Before You Do Business with Them

Anyone can say that they offer IT services. But are they providing the right kind of service for your business? It’s important to ask the right questions when making your decision. We have compiled...

Industry Insight

An Insight on the Opportunities in the Big Data Industry- Insights Success

An Insight on the Opportunities in the Big Data Industry

In this era of changing technologies, the Big Data domain has evolved in a very short period of time. It plays the most pivotal role across all industries. The ability of Big Data to...