The 10 Pioneering Sports Tech Solution Providers In 2019

Cover Story

Bryan Zheng | Founder & CEO | LIVALL

LIVALL: Reforming the Benchmarks of Ride Safety and Innovation

In accordance with the Sports-tech industry’s revolutionary development over the course of time, it has become a vital necessity for organizations to design and develop […]

Project Listings

Kevin Donaghy | CEO | AuditComply | Insights Success
AuditComply: A Comprehensive Risk and Performance Management Platform

Risk is one of the fatal flaws, organizations often witness. Unmanaged risks can become the greatest source of waste in a business as well as the economy as […]

Jim Wetekamp | CEO | Riskonnect, Inc. | Insights Success
Riskonnect: Anticipating and Managing the Risks across Enterprises

Many organizations are sensitive to the inherent risks in their businesses, and constantly struggle to enable a continuous flow of feedback on residual risks and […]

Allgress Inc.: Innovation of Compliance and Risk Management Solutions

Today organizations are staying ahead with innovative solutions to proactively manage and enhance the reliability of the business. By executing its unique solutions and activities which help them […]

JCAD: Streamlining Risk Management

Every organization, large or small, across every sector, needs to understand and manage the threats to achieving its objectives. Over the years, ERM has continued to grow in importance. In the […]

Entrepreneurial Spirit
Sustaining Entrepreneurial Spirit in the Modern Era

Businesses operate, survive and progress in a highly dynamic economy, where change is the rule, not the exception. The change may be slow, sudden or […]

Simon Murphy | Co-founder and CEO | RefLIVE
RefLIVE: A Bridge between Football and Innovation

The inception of the current reformative ‘digital-everything’ era was catalyzed evidently by data analytics. Almost every sphere of the business world utilizes dso-founder and  onecials, […]

Ole Martin Vebenstad | Founder & CEO | SportIn Global
SportIn Global: The New Definition of Sports Recruitment

Considering the widespread expansion of the sports industry, catering to the need of talented people in the business becomes inevitably essential. Recruiting sports management enthusiasts […]

Jason Davis | Founder | The Siren
The Siren: Delivering Real-Time Content to Fans at the Game

Established in 2017 in Brisbane, Australia, The Siren was founded by Jason Davis. The idea popped into his head while he was running a digital […]

Brett Nicholas | CEO | POD Active
POD Active: A Journey to Infinity and Beyond!

Like all other industries, the realm of Sports industry has been disrupted by the advanced industrial inventions. The industry has adapted all the technical marvels […]