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Trintech’s Cadency® solution optimizes resources, reduces cost, and improves governance and transparency across the entire financial close process.

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Trintech: Transforming the Office of Finance through Risk Intelligent Automation

Due to growth through mergers and acquisitions, aggressive expansion during high growth periods and historical local system purchasing decisions, most finance organizations struggle to maintain a heterogenous ERP application portfolio. “Several of our large, enterprise-class customers that have chosen to partner with SAP® still identify challenges in regards to their financial close process due to the manual aggregation of information for………………
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The 10 Most Valuable SAP Solution Providers 2017

Christopher Carter | CEO | Approyo - Insights Success

Approyo: Simplifying the Cloud

With every new day, innovation comes into the world of technology. Stagnancy and constancy are the words which are inapplicable to the technological aspects of the world. These transformations in the technological sector provoke the change that companies...
Rob Bernshteyn | CEO | Coupa Software - Insights Success

Coupa Software: The Cloud Platform Which Everyone Loves to Use

In the current digital era, business leaders must be updated and stay on top of new, emerging and the future technologies or risk staying back. Nobody wants to fall back, and every business leader...
Diego Cabezudo | Co-Founder & CEO | Gigas - Insights Success

Gigas: Providing World-Class Cloud Hosting Services

In the last few years, Cloud-based services have become more of a standard solution for the enterprise world. It is further estimated that cloud-computing will continue to grow at a robust pace in the...
Valery Herrington | Founder & CEO | Herrington Technology - Insights Success

Herrington Technology: Differentiated and Value-Driven SAP Delivery

Today’s fast changing business solutions market includes dynamic factors like competition, efficiency, forecasting, collaboration, scalability, productivity, flexibility, customer service and streamlined processes. So, implementing ERP software, systems integration and project management has become a standard success route that...
Matt Stava | Founder & CEO | Spinnaker Support - Insights Success

Spinnaker Support: Exceptional third party support and managed services for SAP

In the digital age, business leaders must stay on top of new, emerging, and future technologies or risk falling behind. But where do you start? You are undoubtedly already exploring the latest digital trends...
Moshe Panzer | Founder & CEO | Xpandion - Insights Success

Xpandion: Ongoing Improving of the SAP System

Every established company is disciplined by their good management, staff members and the implementation that have been executed at the right time in a perfect way. We often think of exactly how such companies...

CXO Standpoint

Brad Hill | Director Of Global Sales & Marketing | Vroozi - Insights Success

Leverage Existing SAP Solutions with Cloud Procurement

Companies that have already invested in SAP find that they can achieve even better results from their existing investment with cloud technology and eProcurement. After the initial investment, companies find certain roadblocks preventing mass...
James Wood | Principal Consulting | Bowdark Consulting - Insights Success

SAP Cloud Platform and the Future of Development for SAP

For a long time, many businesses viewed their IT departments as an overhead expense which kept the business running but didn’t add a lot of value to the bottom line. In recent years, this...

Business Corner

Why Do You Need to Advance your Discrete Manufacturing Solutions? - Insights Success

SAP: Generating Business Value from Internet of Things

Today, SAP is spiking in developing Internet of Things (IoT) applications and IoT services. SAP has a clear vision about the investment. There are three new IoT services which are aimed at helping enterprises...

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itality of R&D in an Organization’s Growth - Insights Success

Vitality of R&D in an Organization’s Growth

Research and Development plays an important role in leveraging technology to reap maximum benefits in the form of innovative products, processes, and services. Many companies tend to think thatR&D is like a holy grail,...

Future Tech

Future of Technology Through the Eyes of SAP Experts - Insights Success

Future of Technology Through the Eyes of SAP Experts

Clock is ticking by and the time is moving away every moment. What is future today, will be passed soon. As days pass by, it becomes easier for the industry experts to guess about...