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EdCast: AI Powered Knowledge-Cloud Platform that Drives Performance

Humans are endowed with the most sophisticated, impeccable and unequaled tool by nature, The Brain. This natural computer needs to be fed constantly to make the rest of the auxiliary parts of the human body, purposeful. This is the tricky part, and this very feeding part has become even more complex with the advent of various digital resources. Our mind has a conscience which is based upon the received knowledge. So, it is evident that all the decisions that we take are built upon the things we know………………
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The 10 most valuable Learning and Development Solution Provider Companies

Justin Ball & Joel Duffin | CTO & CEO | Atomic Jolt - Insights Success

Atomic Jolt: Empowering Infosystems with Agile Software Solutions

Learning Management Systems create a platform for online engagement and student instruction; with this change in the way, teachers and students access and interact with their classrooms with the reach of education being larger...
Traci Burgess | CEO | BrightBytes- Insights Success

BrightBytes: Using Data to Improve the Way the World Learns

Schools have no shortage of data. The hard part is deriving relevant and meaningful information from extremely large data sets gathered from various sources. With a mission to improve the way the world learns...
Terry Nealon | CEO | Fishtree - Insights Success

Fishtree: Education In Top Gear

The education system is starting to see real growth and impact on outcomes from technology adoption in the classroom. High utilization of technology outside of the classroom, education is playing catch up but we...
Manish Gupta | Co-Founder & CEO | G-Cube solutions - Insights Success

G-Cube Solutions: Contributing Innovations in e-Learning

To be a Successful Entrepreneur, one should focus on strategizing the business module and elaborate the prime mover transparency. G-Cube Solutions is a leading CMMi Level 3 e-learning products and services company with a...
Snehal Patel | CEO & founder | Sokikom - Insights Success

Sokikom: Positively Transforming Mathematics Learning Culture

For decades, the U.S. K12 system has struggled to produce successful student outcomes in mathematics achievement compared to the rest of the world. The elementary grades is when the foundation of mathematics gets laid,...
Xiaochao Guo | founder | Thats Mandarin - Insights Success

That’s Mandarin: Making Chinese Learning Easy and Simple

Though a larger section of the world says that the Mandarin Chinese is one of the most difficult languages to learn on earth, yet its popularity is increasing daily, making it one of the...

Pioneer Vista

Verified Steps to a Fear-Free Future - Insights Success

Verified Steps to a Fear-Free Future

A fear-free life is a healthy and productive life. It is a very common thing when humanity is the point of discussion, that fear of the future is inevitable. Even with the money that...

Mentor Mind

Popular Technology Waiting to be Scaled - Insights Success

Popular Technology Waiting to be Scaled

The millennials are all born with a keen sense of technological acumen. At an age when baby boomers were being introduced to the concept of computers, millennials are well versed with the intricate workings...