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Our award-winning, gamified, career path software improves the retention of key talent and empowers employees to take charge of their own careers — a truly agile workforce!

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Fuel50: Delivering Benchmark Career Pathing Solution Globally

“I guess it’s not working for me here anymore. I am going to find something else,” is a distinct resonance of an exasperated employee. And when he finds a better job than the one he has, the first thing he’d do is slide out the door without causing any fuss, which displays an invisible, impervious wall – between what employees would like to assert and what the leadership team can stand to hear. ‘To retain or not to retain?’ is straight outta discussion. If an organization wants to escalate the productivity and subsequently……….
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The 10 Most Valuable HR Technology Solution Providers 2017

Arjun Pratap | Founder & CEO | EdGE Networks - Insights Success

EdGE Networks: Diversifying the Practises in the Industry of HR Technology

An HR tech startup, EdGE Networks offers solutions to large organizations for their most pressing HR challenges. This company’s strength lies in harnessing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Science to solve the toughest talent...
Rob LaBreche | Founder, President & CEO | iGrad - Insights Success

Enrich Financial Wellness: What Makes An Award-Winning Financial Wellness Platform?

iGrad, a technology-driven financial wellness education company, encompasses two unique and award-winning white-label platforms: iGrad and Enrich. The iGrad platform, designed for colleges and universities, is now launched on over 600 campuses. The Enrich...
Vineet More | Founder & CEO | eStar Software - Insights Success

eStar Software: Uplifting the Business Software to the Newest HR Technology

The need and benefits of technology is a clear field of vision to most of us around the world. The time is no longer when technology can only be understood by the so-called intellectuals....
Christopher Bjorling (Chris) | Founder | Fidello - Insights Success

Fidello – The Human Performance Specialists

HR managers must deal with the human aspects of an enterprise, namely hiring, training, performance management, and succession planning etc. A quality consulting and solutions firm can play a pivotal role in making life...
Vipul Mathur | Head Of Business | Qilo Technologies - Insights Success

Qilo Technologies: Aligning business strategies with HR technology

Technology and software for human resource departments have gone through a dramatic shift in the past few years. HR software systems have come to the forefront of enterprise technology, as global employee management and sophisticated knowledge...
Jennifer Farris | Co-founder & CEO | Squadley - Insights Success

Squadley: Offering Next Generation Planning & Performance to Drive Success for Businesses

Integration, improved automation, data, analytics and AI are all trends that will shape the HR technology landscape over the next decade. Smarter systems will enable teams to operate more effectively. The rise of gig-economy...
Dhruv Gupta | Founder & CEO | Valuehire- Insights Success

Valuehire: Redefining Recruitment Processes with Technology

Valuehire is an effective and easy-to-use cloud based recruitment software designed for recruitment agencies and staffing firms in any industry or location. Based out of New Delhi, India, Valuehire was among the first to...
Saku Valkama | CEO & Co-Founder | TalentAdore - Insights Success

TalentAdore: Offering a World Full of Opportunities to Job Seekers

Soon a day will come when the hiring decisions will rest on the hands of the candidates and not on the recruiters. With the Talent Communities coming in the near future, stagnant talent pools...

CXO Standpoint

Alan Price | CEO | BrightHR - Insights Success

Working Lazy: The Modern Day Synonym for Working Smarter

Bill Gates famously said he would always 'choose a lazy person to do a difficult job' at Microsoft 'because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.' Despite Bill’s point, when it...
Angelo Cenon Valdez | Founder & CEO | Diplomazee International - Insights Success

Advantages of Investing and Moving Businesses to Emerging Countries

Emerging countries have economies that are experiencing noticeable growth and development over the past years. These countries have shown great potential to flourish and sustain various businesses and are ultimately able to transition alongside...