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Cover Page - Healthcare Solution Providers 2017 - Insights Success

CereSoft Energizes Healthcare Cashflow

Today, healthcare is constantly changing, and institutions are under tremendous pressure for delivering high-quality patient results and converted profit margins while adhering to a growing array of regulatory specifications and other dynamic forces. Maintaining financial stability is a challenging but indispensable task Hospitals and healthcare systems are recognized for treating patients and saving lives; every healthcare organization is also required to develop favorable processes and strategies for staying financially stable. To operate efficiently and to use the money healthcare institutions earn to improve the health………………
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The 10 Most Valuable Healthcare Solution Provider Companies

James Paat | President & CEO | InXite Health Systems - Insights Success

InXite Health Systems: Perfect Partner to Operationalize Value-Based Care

The healthcare industry is evolving swiftly, with pressure coming from new regulations and changing demographics. The healthcare landscape is in a near continual state of reinvention, and getting to the right approach to demonstrate...
John Power | CEO | Aerogen - Insights Success

Aerogen: Offering High Performance Aerosol Drug Delivery Technology

Galway, Ireland firm Aerogen is the world leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance aerosol drug delivery technology for hospitals and clinics. Their products are used in emergency departments and intensive care units...
Hani Kayyali | President | Cleveland Medical Devices - Insights Success

Cleveland Medical Devices: Improving the Delivery of Sleep Care

“Sleep is the golden chain that binds health and our bodies together,” written by Thomas Dekker. Sleep apnea is a chronic condition that interrupts patient’s breathing during the night repeatedly, which exerts significant stress...
Tashfeen Suleman | CEO | CloudMedx - Insights Success

CloudMedx: Serving Patients with Visual Insights &Predictive Analytics

The healthcare system in the US is one of the most advanced in the world. However, healthcare professionals are overburdened with an aging and increasingly sick patient population and a hodgepodge of health IT...
Brian Arellanes | Chairman, Founder & CEO | ITSourceTEK - Insights Success

ITSourceTEK: An Award-Winning Leader in the Information Security Industry

The business IT panorama is increasingly getting disrupted due to the onslaught of Cloud, Data Science, AI, and IoT adoptions on both consumer and enterprise side. Hence, the talent community is keen on securing...
Scott A. Finlay | Co-Founder, President & CEO | MaxMD - Insights Success

MaxMD: Scalable Sustainable Healthcare Information Exchange

Nowadays, there are significant opportunities to improve how healthcare organizations exchange protected healthcare information which is generallyaccepted to be essential for improving care coordination, and patient outcomes. By challenging the healthcare industries heavy reliance...

CXO Standpoint

Hans Erik Henriksen | Chief Executive Officer | Healthcare Denmark - Insights Success

Hospital Logistics – Accelerating the Patient Flow in Danish Hospitals

For more than a decade hospital productivity has been a priority in Denmark. A focus on quality and quality improvements has reduced the rate of re-admittance to Danish hospitals and a demand from central...
Jonathan M. Prince & CEO | DataSmart Solutions - Insights Success

Contemporary Predictive Analytics in Healthcare

Technology in healthcare has never been more important than is today, and its role is growing by the hour.  The industry has moved from lab screen analysis, record keeping, and claims processing into the...


A Snapshot of Epilepsy - Insights Success

A Snapshot of Epilepsy

‘I want my mind cured, not controlled’- The voice of epileptic patients. Epileptic patient’s brain gets choppy in their minds, and suddenly they are faint and fall down on the floor. When they wake...

In Focus

In Focus - Ayurveda - ‘A Medical Boon for Mankind - Insights Success

Ayurveda – ‘A Medical Boon for Mankind’

Ayurveda, Ayur is ‘Life’ and Veda is ‘Science’ so Ayurveda is the ‘The Science of a Life’ the traditional medicinal practices of India and the oldest Healthcare system in the world, having lots of...