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valuable Enterprise Security Companies in APAC 2017 - Insights Success

Kaymera Technologies: Providing Robust Cyber Defense Solutions for Mobile Devices

The smartphone revolution has led to a world of convenient and continuously connected enterprise and personal mobility. With more computing power, connectivity and access to corporate resources in the field, comes broader attack surfaces for malicious hackers, and ever-growing concerns over information and identification of security risks and potential data leaks. Kaymera, founded in 2014, was established to help governments and enterprises ensure that their mobile communication stays safe………………
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The 10 Most Valuable Enterprise Security Companies in APAC

Razak Jalil | CEO | Augmented Technology - Insights Success

Augmented Technology: Security Systems Integrator

The inception of cloud, social media and mobile computing, along with hyper escalated enterprise productivity and unveiled -connectivity, has innumerable digital business opportunities. However, these technologies have also surged the enterprise’s exposure to different risks. Today, the...
Peter Franz, Dr. Mathias Kirchmer | Co-Founder | BPM-D - Insights Success

BPM-D:Enabling the Next Generation Enterprise

BPM-D is a consulting company that increases enterprise performance through cross- functional business and IT initiatives - fast, at low risk. They are the expert in realizing the full potential of the BPM-Discipline for strategy execution, including...
Sandip Kumar Panda | CEO | Instasafe Technologies - Insights Success

Instasafe Technologies: Enterprises Secured Access Anywhere, Anytime

Instasafe leading Cloud based Security-as-a-Service solution provider delivering comprehensive and Technologies, founded in Nov 2012, is a uncompromising protection to mobile and remote workers enabling them to safely and securely access enterprise apps, email and web from anywhere...
Philippe Bolt | Co-Founder | MeReal Biometrics - Insights Success

MeReal Biometrics: Revolutionary and Innovative Biometric Solutions forAccess, Authentication and even Payments

When referring to computers and security biometrics is the identification of a person by the measurement of their biological, features. For example, a fingerprint or voice. When compared with a static password, this system is more difficult...
Wong Wai Kit | founder & CEO | Xeersoft - Insights Success

Xeersoft: Taking the World by Storm with its Cutting Edge Cloud Solution

The advent of internet created a lot of opportunities for everyone. Big companies found new capabilities by integrating IT into their business processes which further streamlined their operation. Small enterprises were able to fulfil their computerization need...

CXO Standpoint

Bob Gold | Founder & CEO | Bob Gold & Associates - Insights Success


By Bob Gold, Founder, President & CEO, Bob Gold & Associates In today’s data-driven tech world, it appears the priority is all about the speed of innovation and how we move data safely, effectively, efficiently...
Andrew Silver | Co - founder | Tango Networks - Insights Success

Managing Corporate Communications on Mobile Devices

By Andrew Silver, CTO Tango Networks There is a strange inconsistency in how enterprises manage mobile communications compared to other types of business communications. With traditional voice communications and data communications, we directly control how communications...
Mark Nunnikhoven | Vice President | Cloud Research at Trend Micro - Insights Success

Are You Staying in Network Secure Zone?

One word can sum up the most common strategy for network defense - “boxy.” Building and maintaining a strong perimeter has a long and storied history. Consider a castle with its moat, high walls...

Chalk Talk

Net Neutrality: With a Hanging Sword on its Head - Insights Success

Net Neutrality: With a Hanging Sword on its Head

The internet is a smaller imprint of the actual world. It carries all the information in the world and displays it in front of you, choosing of your like, with few fingers away. It...

Enterprize concern

Traits to Possess the Best Enterprise Security - Insights Success

Traits to Possess the Best Enterprise Security

The founders occasionally forget about implementing important fundamentals of security and start running after shining technology. The security budgets are limited, so they need to be sure about covering highest breach areas before moving...


Why Protecting Your Business from Cyber Attacks is no Longer Optional?- Insights Success

Why Protecting Your Business from Cyber Attacks is no Longer Optional?

We live in a growingly networked world, including personal banking to government infrastructure. The world has been more connected than ever with the network of information, while information has been an essential resource for...

Go Green

IoT Decelerate the Climate Change? | Insights Success

How can IoT Decelerate the Climate Change?

The relation between technology and the environment of our planet is very old. The time has come to turn everything in the surrounding eco-friendly. IoT (Internet of Things) products can be tailored to combat...