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Feyzi Fatehi | CEO | Corent Technology - Insights Success

Corent Technology: A SurPaaSing Cloud Migration Platform

Cloud migration has become a new form of gold rush for enterprises with access to the increasingly more economical, secure and manageable Cloud infrastructure. While […]

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Emerging Technologies from Microsoft: Remove The Limits on Your Business

Remaining on top of technology trends is a critical concern for entrepreneurs and professionals. Skill sets come and work at a breakneck tempo, and it’s […]

IoT Business will boost the Economy in the Next Decades

By José Antônio Scodiero, Director, Founding Partner of Fast Company Brazil The world of the Internet of Things promises to be the main engine of […]

Mr. Apisek Tewinpagti & Dr. Nithinart Sinthudeacha | Co-Founders | Beryl8 Plus - Insights Success
Beryl8: Assisting Clients with their Expertise in Consulting and Technology

Cloud Computing, Digital Transformation, and Internet of Things will still be where the world is heading in the next couple of years. Especially in the Asian and Pacific […]

Amrinder Arora | Co-Founder & CEO | BizMerlinHR - Insights Success
BizMerlinHR: The True Wizard of HR Management

Cloud computing has transformed from ‘just another’ technology to a hot and happening phenomenon in the IT industry. With initiatives taken by both private and […]

Waylon Krush | Co-Founder & CEO | Lunarline - Insights Success
Lunarline: Provides and Promises ‘Solutions Built on Security’™

Cloud computing represents one of the most significant and exciting changes in technology since the emergence of the Internet. For commercial CSPs implementing the Federal […]

Dr. Rajkumar Buyya | Founder & CEO | Manjrasoft - Insights Success
Manjrasoft: Crafting Solutions to Rapidly Build, Accelerate, Manage Clouds and their Applications

Cloud computing is the newest technological buzzword doing rounds in the business world these days. It is mainly a model for facilitating universal, convenient, on-demand […]

Anil Balakrishnan | Founder & CEO | Terawe - Insights Success
Terawe: Providing Innovative and Efficient Cloud Computing Solutions

Cloud computing has been changing the world of IT infrastructure incessantly. Today, immediate availability and unlimited scalability are the default expectations of infrastructure users. Developers […]

Kemal Oral | Founder & CEO | TravelAps - Insights Success
TravelAps: Employing Cloud Solutions for better Travel and Tourism Industry

Setting up a travel agency online, travel portal and back office system or setting up an online hotel booking engine web site channel manager in […]

Implications of Workload Management in Hybrid and Multi-Cloud - Insights Success
Implications of Workload Management in Hybrid and Multi-Cloud

With the evolving scenario in Cloud computing everchanging, there are numerous cloud service providers in the market offering variety of services and newer capabilities. The […]

A Tainted Shelter of Virtual and Cloud Networks - Insights Success
A Tainted Shelter of Virtual and Cloud Networks

Imagine a scenario where you are moving from one river bank to the other side of it on a boat, and suddenly you realize that […]

Juliana Button | Manager - Marketing & Events | Rubicon Red - Insights Success
Cloud KickStart – Accelerating Speed to Value in the Oracle Cloud

To be competitive, organizations are looking to use technology to drive innovation into their products and services, and simultaneously deliver efficiencies.  The Cloud promises to […]

Migrating the Data Warehouses into the Cloud- Insights Success
Migrating the Data Warehouses into the Cloud

The cloud has now become a well-established deployment option for business applications. It provides an exceptional ground for grounding the business intelligence systems, as it […]