The 10 Most Valuable Cloud Service Provider Companies

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CloudFX: Transforming IT via Cloud Management Platforms and B2B Service Innovation

CloudFX is a strategic technology advisory firm, delivering on the promise of technology as the core driver of business today. Gaining a world-class reputation for […]

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Emerging Technologies from Microsoft: Remove The Limits on Your Business

Remaining on top of technology trends is a critical concern for entrepreneurs and professionals. Skill sets come and work at a breakneck tempo, and it’s […]

Connecting Dark Data with IoT

By Adrian Hinrichsen, Marketing & Business Development Director of Datumize The above infographic is astonishing when you really delve into the numbers. The last few […]

How Will Cloud Computing Be By 2020?

The future has a great promise when it comes to the cloud. No doubt, cloud computing has taken off in the recent years with business […]

Startups Should Migrate to the Cloud

Cloud computing provides several competitive benefits to today’s startups. It provides the distributive IT computer software and hardware, that saves the prices of the business’s […]

Cloud Computing
A Peep into the Era of Cloud Computing

Today, much like electricity, one can easily access any kind of information through internet whenever they need. All this became possible just because of cloud […]

Nebu K Abraham, CEO, 7Nodes
7Nodes: Leaders in Innovation

7Nodes – A Ruby on Rails App Development House avails a wide-ranging portfolio of innovative internet based products in web and mobile purview that help […]

Cavalry: Paving Your Way to the Cloud

In 2016, spending on public cloud Infrastructure as a Service hardware and software is forecast to reach US$38B, growing to a staggering $173B in 2026.  […]

Cnetric: Leveraging Cloud to Deliver Cost-Optimized Commerce and Interactive Solutions

In today’s dynamic digital era, the need for speed, flexibility and innovation is increasing steadily. The essence of life is relied on technology now. In […]

Digital Transformation entering the Business World with Perpetuuiti

Cloud computing is the hottest and biggest trend in IT for the past few years, and it will also continue to grow stronger in the […]

Hanu: Accelerate Your Ascent to the Cloud

The business IT landscape is increasingly getting disrupted due to the onslaught of cloud, data science, AI, and IoT adoptions on both consumer and enterprise […]

M-Power: Experts in Performance Management and Business Intelligence Solutions

Incorporated in 2003, M-Power Solutions is at the forefront of the Cloud revolution. As the largest Oracle Business Analytics Cloud partner in APAC they provide […]

Umbrella Infocare: Provide Razor Edge Technology Solutions

Delhi NCR-based Umbrella Infocare (UIC) with its regional office at Mumbai is a leader in Cloud computing, Mobility, Enterprise Virtualization and Managed Services. The company […]