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“We are providing extremely high value and capability to insurance carriers.”

The 10 Most Valuable Business Intelligence Companies 2018 October2018

Cloverleaf Analytics: Harnessing the Power of Your Data

Today, we can observe that insurance companies are getting better value from their business intelligence efforts thanks to a powerful solution provided by Cloverleaf Analytics. The powerful capabilities of the Cloverleaf solution assist insurance carriers in providing a higher quality of service to their policyholders and claimants than ever before. The insurance industry is recognizing the value of insights that can be gleaned from their data to better manage their insurance……
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Innova Solutions: Integrating Advanced Solutions for Resolving Real-World Problems

Situated in Santa Clara, California, Innova Solutions is a global information technology company with a rich history of building strategic relationships with customers. The company has…….
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The 10 Most Valuable Business Intelligence Companies 2018

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