The 10 Most Valuable Business Intelligence Companies 2018 October2018

Cover Story

Robert Clark | CEO | Cloverleaf Analytics | Insights Success

Cloverleaf Analytics: Harnessing the Power of Your Data

Today, we can observe that insurance companies are getting better value from their business intelligence efforts thanks to a powerful solution provided by Cloverleaf Analytics. […]

Project Listings

Amjad Hussain | Founder & CEO |
Algo™: Connecting AI, AR, and Automation to Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is continuing to bring more and more value to enterprises as adoption rises and capabilities increase. AI and NLP are driving increased ease […]

Larry Goldman | Founder | AmberLeaf | Insights Success
AmberLeaf: Boosting Client’s Revenue with Leading-Edge Business Intelligence Solutions

Customers are the epicenter of every business operations. No matter how big or small your client is, everyone has some sort of expectation from their […]

Joe Caserta | Founding President | Caserta | Insights Success
Caserta: Designing and Creating Innovative Data Solutions.

Caserta, a technology consulting and implementation firm that provides transformative data strategies and solutions to advance analytics-driven businesses. The company advises, architects and develops products […]

Engineer Happiness. Surge Productivity, Extend Retention | Insights Success
Engineer Happiness. Surge Productivity, Extend Retention

Professions are an integral part of human life which is even seen as a medium to fulfill countless aspirations. A job does not only give […]

Ondrej Tomas | CEO | CleverAnalytics | Insights Success
Transforming the World with Data based Solutions

For quite a few years now Data is a new business mantra. Data is strategic asset, data is a key to unlock real business potential. […]

Innova Solutions: Integrating Advanced Solutions for Resolving Real-World Problems

Situated in Santa Clara, California, Innova Solutions is a global information technology company with a rich history of building strategic relationships with customers. The company […]

RM Applications: Powering Innovation with Business Driven Solution

RM Applications Sdn. Bhd. (RMA) is a MSC Status boutique software company based out of Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). RMA is founded by a group of […]

Nasim Ahmad Ansari | Director | Facile Consulting & JCC Bowers | online business magazine
Effect of Business Intelligence and its advantages

It is always said that “Better decisions can be made with better business insights” and to get better Business Insight industry uses Business Intelligence tools. […]