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“It’s about clients’ business results, so success for us is when one of our own clients says, ‘Our clients now trust us to deliver quality products fast and iteratively – we’re innovators!’”

Cover Page - The 10 Most Valuable AWS Solution Providers 2017 December2017 - insights success

nClouds: Technical Innovator, Delivering Results-Driven DevOps and Cloud Solutions

DevOps is the sizzling buzzword on the tip of nearly every tongue in the IT world and extending into the business domain. The promise of faster product delivery with improved quality and increased employee productivity in this neck-to-neck, hypercompetitive business era, is what’s fascinating IT and business leaders. Behind the buzz is a wave of successes with a range of organizations, from “unicorns” to “workhorses”, and startups to large enterprises. DevOps is now viewed as a major enabler of digital transformation, with the primary outcome to deliver improved customer value…………….
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The 10 Most Valuable AWS Solution Providers 2017

Francis Dinha | CEO & Co-founder | OpenVPN- Insights Success

OpenVPN: An Innovative Networking Software Solution Provider

“Financing” and “Human Capital” are the most vital aspects for any company, if financing is like the fuel than human capital is like the engine that accelerates and moves business towards the growth trajectory....
Korawad Chearavanont | CEO & Founder | Eko Comunications - Insights Success

Eko Communications: Achieving Big Milestones by Delivering Cutting-edge Mobile Communication Platform

To dream big is not an easy task, it needs courage. To follow that dream is even more difficult which needs diligence, willingness to learn and adaptability, and to transform those dreams into reality...
Jeff Strout | CEO | KnackForge - Insights Success

KnackForge: Riding on the Robust Pillars of People, Process and Tools to attain the...

The growth of AWS is nothing less than phenomenal. There was a time when AWS was launched as a medium to buy space for computers. Now AWS transact business worth over 16 billion annually. AWS, of course, had...

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Pontus Noren | Co - Founder & Director | Cloudreach - Insights Success

Cloudreach: An Innovative and Intelligent Cloud Solution Provider

Cloud technology has made it possible for everyone to innovate rapidly, in diverse ways, and at a far lesser cost than ever before. When everything is revolving around internet and mobility, it’s not hard...

CXO Standpoint

Mohsin Memon | Founder | Memcrop Immersive Learning - Insights Success

Surfing Ahead of the Trend: How to spot an opportunity and grow

Today we live in a time which is unprecedented in human history. Technology evolves at the drop of a hat and as it does, changes many tangible and intangible elements with it. Five years...
Juliana Button | Manager - Marketing & Events | Rubicon Red - Insights Success

Cloud KickStart – Accelerating Speed to Value in the Oracle Cloud

To be competitive, organizations are looking to use technology to drive innovation into their products and services, and simultaneously deliver efficiencies.  The Cloud promises to be an enabler for business transformation – providing the...

Business Applications for Virtual and Mixed Reality

Virtual and Mixed Reality technologies are stirring up quite a bit of excitement these days. Many investment firms and analysts say that Virtual Reality is the next big tech revolution after mobile, and predictions...

Energy Efficient Technology

Green Cloud Computing | Energy Efficient Technology - Insights Success

Green Cloud Computing: Saving Energy through Technology

The rapid expansion in data centers, due to the exponential growth of the cloud computing has caused the dramatic increase in energy consumption and its effect on the environment in terms of the carbon...

Industry Insider

DevOps - Bridging the Gap between Dev and Ops - Insights Success

DevOps – Bridging the Gap between Dev and Ops

For centuries, humans have had a propensity to pit two or more teams with distinctive functionalities against each other – even when they are on the same team. This dynamic can be witnessed even...

Trends to Watch

Trends in Cloud Technology - Insights Success

Trends in Cloud Technology that are pulling Technocrat’s Attention

Experts believe that the market is set to enter into the second wave of cloud technology. Amazon started the first wave of cloud computing in 2006 and since then cloud computing and the enterprises...