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Nelson Cicchitto , Chairman, CEO & President , Avatier | Insights Success

Avatier: The Future of Identity Management has Arrived

There are very few lessons that can be applied across every industry and virtually every aspect of life. One of these timeless adages is that it is easier to reach […]

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Mobility on Cloud | Insights Success
The New Way Of Business- Mobility on Cloud

The radical change in the innovative technology, is changing the basics of the enterprises function. The way of the businesses today is very much affected […]

Data Center Security: Controlling Possible Threats- Insights Success
Data Center Security: Controlling Possible Threats

The rise in cyber crimes is one of the main causes of Data center outages. As per the recent survey conducted by industry insiders, cybercrime […]

Jim Kaskade , CEO , Janrain | Insights Success
Janrain: Building a Comprehensive Enterprise Identity Management Strategy

How brands should position identity & access management for employees and customers Identity and access management (IAM) solutions were originally used by companies to control employees and contractors’ […]

Marco Rohrer , CEO and Managing Director , IPG Group | Insights Success
IPG Group: A Competent Partner Engaged in IAM Projects

Nowadays in complex computing environments, along with heightened security threats, a strong username and password don’t cut it anymore. Therefore, identity management systems often incorporate elements of biometrics, machine […]

Niklas Jakobsson , CEO , Axiomatics | Insights Success
Axiomatics: An Independent Leader in Dynamic Authorization Solutions

Headquartered at Stockholm, Sweden, Axiomatics provides access control software that protects the most critical assets of today’s modern enterprises. This includes applications and data sources […]