The 10 Most Trusted Fraud Detection Solution Providers, 2019

Cover Story

Mark Gazit | CEO | ThetaRay

ThetaRay: Rendering Exemplary Fraud Detection Services

In an interview with ‘Insights Success’, Mark Gazit, CEO of ThetaRay shares insights on how the company helps clients at large financial organizations, cyber security divisions […]

Project Listings

Victor Fredung | CEO | Shufti Pro
ShuftiPro: Making KYC an Easy Affair

Shufti Pro, a global AI-based identity verification service provider, delivers seamless KYC/AML solutions to its diverse clientele. With clients from every corner of the world, […]

Barry Bowen | fcase
fcase: Fraud Orchestration See the full Picture of Fraud

Banking has gone digital. In 2019, financial institutions are leveraging technology more than ever to provide the type of customer experience being demanded by today’s […]