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Jesse David Thé , Founder & CEO ,Zebu

Zebu: Helping Small Business Survive Technology Destruction

Running a business is a complicated task. There are numerous functions working at the same time and each and every function is interdependent. Which means, delay in one aspect of […]

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Chatbots: A Dynamic Digital Gesture for Creative Entrepreneurs

The arrival of Chatbots is considered to be an incredible breakthrough in the realm of business or any kind of entrepreneurships. It is one of […]

Digi Payments - Insights Success
The Age of Disruptive Banking through Digital Payment Solutions

The way people make payments are changing faster due to the improved integration of digital technology. This has benefited the industry with increased competition and […]

Coalfire: Empowering Organizations to Manage Risks Effectively

With increased usage of the World Wide Web, security breaches are becoming a more common occurrence nowadays. The past couple of years have witnessed detrimental security breaches to the […]

CyberSaint Security: Bringing Automation and Visibility to Compliance and Risk Management Programs

The complexities that come with today’s increased digitization are ever-apparent, and the risk of cyber-attacks is growing exponentially. Recognizing this, Boston based CyberSaint Security, a leading cyber-security software firm, […]