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Luc d’Urso | CEO | atempo

Atempo: Ensuring Secure Data for Everyone

Company data is the main driving force of the 21 century’s economy. Businesses derive value from the digital testimony of our actions and activities. The […]

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Nilesh Kuvadia
ITCG Solutions Pvt. Ltd.: Empowering Customers and Partners with Cost-effective Solutions

In today’s digital world various technologies and systems are all connected. All the valuable data is stored in these systems. Securing this information becomes critical, […]

Simon Newman
Police Digital Security Centre: Securing Small Size Businesses

Cyber-attacks are one of the biggest threats faced by businesses. Large companies should already have in place control measures to survive cyber security breaches and […]

Peter Sanders & Gary Fay | Founder | identifi Global
identifi Global: Finding Gems from a Haystack

Robotics and AI machineries will take control of human workforce in the coming decades and will put skilled workforce out of job opportunities. According to […]

Anant Agrawal | Managing Director | Skillmine Technology Consulting
Skillmine Technology Consulting: Unlocking the Potential of IT

There are n-number of problems and opportunities to come up with innovative solutions in the cyber security domain.  So, there arises the need to transform […]