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Exactus Advisors: Sketching Brilliant Roadmaps for Successful Business

Being a booming and highly profitable industry, Management Consulting is going to be significantly disrupted by technology in upcoming years. The new innovations in technology […]

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BeCloud LLC: A Global Disruptor in Consultancy Services

Digital disruption has become inevitable in every industry.  Yet the tri-million consulting industry has survived the disruption for an impressively long time. The consultant business […]

Dr. Leonid Shapiro Managing Partner & Founder Candesic1wwe
Candesic: A Forerunner Unlocking World-class Management Consultation Solutions in Healthcare

Over the past decade, there has been an enormous growth in the global consulting market. Although growth rates differ between the more mature markets and […]

Nomad Financial: Blooming Disruptor of Financial Services

Digital age is flourishing at a rapid pace changing the entire landscape of the financial services. Rise of AI and Machine Learning has greatly disrupted […]

Simplus: Sketching A Brilliant Future in Consultancy with quote-to-cash Services

The future of consulting is a more balanced, sustainable business approach coupled with healthier, happier cultures. However, consulting firms need some consulting help themselves when […]

Things a Phone Can’t Do

In the past few years, almost every manager at every level has discovered some mobile phone application that has proven truly useful to increase productivity. […]

The Role of Consultants for Every Business Stage

Every business owner and executive comes to the realization and fear that they don’t know what they don’t know at some point in the game.  […]

Beyond the Arc: A Strategic Way to Communicate, Analyze, and Engage

Through its strategic consulting, advanced analytics, and effective communications, Beyond the Arc helps its clients sharpen their focus to make improvements, which matter most to […]