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Hyperproof: Making Compliance Efforts and Audit Processes Dramatically Simpler and Faster

In the age of information, where every business is handling some valuable information, it is essential for all organizations today to have a robust compliance […]

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Capptions: Developing Culture of Safety in Organizations by Making Inspections Easy

Inspections carried through safety forms printed on paper become a daunting task. It doesn’t even motivate inspection employees to submit health and safety data. They […]

COPPELIS: Helping Businesses in Digital Transformation and Optimization of Processes

Digital transformation has changed the way businesses function. It has optimized all the business processes and improved the overall efficiency of the businesses. By adopting […]

FORM: Empowering Frontline Workers to Work Faster, Easier, and Efficiently

In this fast-moving world, frontline workers often struggle to keep up with the pace and get their work done in a short amount of time. […]

ShieldByte Infosec
ShieldByte Infosec: Your Trusted Information Security Partner

When was the last time you did a complete cybersecurity audit? If it has been longer, the risk of you being a victim of cyberattacks […]

URM Consulting Services
URM Consulting Services: Business Backbone of Security, Continuity and Assurance

Businesses worldwide face constant challenges in countering the threats of cyber-attacks through malware, spam ware, or viruses which can cripple or bring the business to […]