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Cover page - 10 Most Asset Wealth 2017 - insights Success

SAGE Group: A Leading Software Publisher Dedicated to the Wealth Management Industry

Wealth Managers traditionally work in an exceptionally unpredictable and competitive environment. This complexity originates from the constantly changing regulations that they should comply with, and has inherited cost as they have to alter procedures and execute innovations. Further intricacy is included by market instability and historically low yields, making it hard to find the appropriate risk-return combination………..
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The 10 Most Trusted Asset & Wealth Management Solution Providers 2017

Karim Awad | Group CEO | EFG Hermes - Insights Success

EFG Hermes: Delivering Quality-Financial Products and Services across its Expanding Footprint

With its global footprint spanning over nine countries, across three continents, EFG Hermes is a leading investing bank in the MENA region. EFG Hermes offers securities brokerage, research, investment banking, asset management and private...
Hannes Helenius | Chairman | FA Solution - Insights Success

FA Solutions: A Leader in Wealth Management Solution

Wealth management—in the current techno-revolution era—has become a complex process. From an affluent individual and industry’s perspective, wealth management is the science of solving or enhancing financial situation with better transparency, higher efficiency, and...
Michael Bentlage | CEO | Hauck & Aufhauser Privatbankiers - Insights Success

Hauck & Aufhäuser Privatbankiers: Wealth Management Ruler

Wealth management incorporates both financial planning and specialized financial services, comprising personal retail banking services, estate planning, legal and tax advice, and investment management services. The goal of wealth management is to sustain and...
Stefan Frieb | CIO & Matjaz Zadravec | CEO | Royal Vision Group - Insight Success

Royal Vision Group: Connecting the Future of Finance with Advanced Technology

The enigmatic world of finance offers significant value if wisdom and accountability are fairly applied. However, a negligence on the same can lead to key obstacles such as; past works of the financial industry—where...

CXO Standpoint

Nikolaus Suhr | Co-founder & CEO | KASKO -Insights Success

Using (Insur)Tech partnerships as pillar of your (digital) strategy

“Tech is always a bottleneck when it comes to implementing our strategies” “Startups are disrupters trying to eat our cake” “Digital is just another distribution channel” Sound familiar? Reality is that businesses are seriously struggling with disruption...

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A Digital Step towards Wealth Management- Insights Success

A Digital Step towards Wealth Management

Wealth has found an utmost importance in human life and as well as in organizations life-cycle. The human creation i.e. wealth, is now driving humans for its management due to the faster rollout of...