Cover Story

Sharon Vinderine | Founder & CEO | PTPA Media

Sharon Vinderine: Changing the Way Consumers Shop

Consumerism has changed our world drastically. A new product finds its way onto the devices in your home and every billboard on your morning commute. […]

Project Listings

Karina Tiwana | General Counsel | Vice President & Corporate Secretary ALE USA
Karina Tiwana: An Ardent Legal Professional Exemplifying Passionate Leadership

“It takes dedication and laser focus to find success, not to mention rolled-up sleeves and dirt under your finger nails”, states an ardent leader, Karina […]

Cloé Caron | o2Coaching
Cloé Caron: Guiding Leaders to Develop their True Potential

Driven by the passion to help, inspire, and develop individuals, Cloé Caron has transformed the lives of many leaders and organizations through her human approach […]

Elissa Weimer | Owner & Professional Trainer, Paw & Order Dog Training
Elissa Weimer: Training Your Dog to be PAW-SOME

If you are a pet owner, you may understand that the bond between a dog and owner is impeccable. You might have come across several […]

Jillian Weston | Owner - Founder | Jillian's Circus
Jillian Weston: An Astute Digital Marketer Leading with Relatability and Empathy

The effectiveness of the leaders is mainly figured out by their ability to cooperatively work with their team and lead that team effectively to deliver […]

Sherry Blinkhorn | Broker | Owner | Blinkhorn Real Estate Ltd
Sherry Blinkhorn: An Accomplished Real Estate Broker and a Passionate Advocate for the Mentally Ill

It is easy to say be the change you want, but it is quite difficult to really understand the struggle one goes through to change […]